Senior Living 101

November 30th, 2017 | Senior Living

Gone are the days when the senior living industry left consumers apathetic with a one-size-fits-all option for senior care.  Senior living now offers a variety of amenities and distinctive features; designed to promote independence and quality of life through an array tailored care and a la carte services. Individual inclinations, along with physical and cognitive circumstances, shape which type of senior residence is the best fit.


Independent Living can be seen as an undervalued tool in the arsenal of senior living options but in reality it’s an integral part of the continuum of care for healthy aging. This is a great time for consumers to beginning embracing the idea of senior living, before abilities decline. Independent living is geared for the senior who does not require any physical or cognitive assistance, and is designed to inspire quality of life through social engagement, stimulating outings and fine dining.


A decline in health often propels families to seek out senior living solutions. At this time needs may be better matched to an Assisted Living community, which as the name implies offers assistance with daily activities of life.  But don’t let the higher levels of care fool you, assisted living is designed to be just as inviting with a full menu of amenities, enriching events and residence engagement.


A growing market in the senior industry includes an increased need for specialized Memory Care. Innovative therapies and emerging technology have spurred the drive to rethink traditional assisted living approaches for seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The focus continues on progressive cognitive programming designed to improve quality of life.


Some seniors have serious health complications that require a medical setting, such as a Skilled Nursing or Rehabilitation residence. This specialized level of health care setting has a strong emphasis for care, dignity and quality of life.


The Continuum of Care Community offers options for ‘aging in place’, which allows seniors to move from one type of residence to another, as needs are likely to change over time. A continuum of care campus shares complementary design features easily recognizable from one sister residence to another. This sense of familiarity and close proximity allows for a smoother transition and less anxiety.


The world of senior living has evolved to include specialized accommodations that support dignity and independence by providing better environments that promote healthy aging. This is attained through a holistic approach of resident-centered care that focuses on the needs of the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Vibrant retirement living is possible with an active lifestyle, engaging social networks, strong residence ties and an enhanced path to aging well.


Legend Senior Living™ is family owned and operated, and is dedicated to serving seniors and their families. Committed to the highest quality of standards in care, Legend™ offers a variety of living options, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Respite Care. Residents live life on their own terms, exactly as they choose, confident that responsive, compassionate support is available 24-hours a day. With over 30 years of senior living experience, Legend continues to be a trusted expert in senior living.