4 Ways To Show Appreciation On National Caregivers Day

February 17th, 2020 | Senior Living


National Caregivers Day is coming up fast. This year, National Caregivers Day falls on Friday, February 21. It’s the day in the year dedicated to showing love, respect and gratitude for the army of caregivers who dedicate their time taking care of loved ones often at the expense of their own priorities and responsibilities.

Across the country the population continues to age. There are more than 46 million Americans aged 65 and older, and that number is expected to increase to almost 90 million by 2050. Many people can’t afford to pay for professional care as their parents or family members grow older, and so take it upon themselves to ensure that their loved ones remain comfortable, happy, and healthy, and that their needs are taken care of.

Oftentimes the care that caregivers provide goes unacknowledged, sometimes even by the very people that they themselves are caring for. It’s for this reason why we want to encourage as many people as possible to celebrate National Caregivers Day; to honor the selfless caregivers nationwide and to let them know that they are appreciated. If nothing else, this is a wonderful opportunity to simply say, “thank you for everything you’ve done and are doing.”

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When is National Caregivers Day?

National Caregivers Day occurs annually on the third Friday of February. To help your mark your calendars for the future, here are the dates for National Caregivers Day over the next couple of years:


  • 2021: February 19
  • 2022: February 18
  • 2023: February 17

Ways in Which You Can Celebrate and Show Your Appreciation

If you’re looking to get involved with National Caregivers Day but unsure how to show your appreciation, there are a number of different ways that you can go about showing your appreciation, but the most effective and easy option is to simply tell a caregiver “thank you.”


Often what a caregiver wants is to just know that their time and sacrifices are being noticed and appreciated. That doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are many different ways in which you can show your appreciation. If you want to go above and beyond to do something special for the caregiver in your life, consider the ideas below.


Post about it on social media

If you’d like to publicly show your appreciation for a caregiver then posting about it on social media is a great way to let your inner circle know just how much the caregiver in your life means to you. This method has the dual benefit of not only letting the caregiver know that they’re appreciated, but it also spreads awareness about the vital role that caregivers play in our society. If the caregiver you have in mind appreciates privacy and isn’t fond of public displays, then consider sending them a private message instead.


Send the caregiver in your life a small gift

Gifts are a great way of displaying your love and appreciation for the caregiver in your life. They can also be a really practical way of helping them make time for themselves. For example, a massage or day trip to the spa that will give them an opportunity to unwind and recharge. Even a simple tray of baked goods of a few beauty products will go a long way to letting the caregiver in your life that you care about them.


Write a letter detailing how much you appreciate what they do

Some people appreciate gifts, but for other people a sincere letter is worth so much more. Put your thoughts and gratitude on paper, let the caregiver know why you appreciate them so much, and tell them as plainly and sincerely as you can that you’re thankful for their sacrifices.


Connect the caregiver in your life with other caregivers

Caregiving can be a lonely experience. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only person in the world having to deal with the burden of caring for someone else. Let the caregiver in your life know that they’re not alone by putting them in touch with other caregivers. At Legend we employ a number caring associates as part of our Independent Living, Assisted LivingPersonal Care, Memory Care options. They’re always on hand should you or someone you know need to have a conversation about the responsibilities of caregiving. Being able to talk freely with someone who understands what you’re going through is an extremely therapeutic experience, and will go a long way to alleviating the sense of alienation that caregivers sometimes feel.