National Senior Citizens Day is August 21

August 20th, 2019 | Senior Health

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Enacted in 1988 by former president Ronald Regan, Senior Citizens Day is one of the best ways to show our gratitude to our loved ones, as well as spending some much needed time participating with them as much as possible. It’s also a great way to remember what seniors have achieved and sacrificed on our behalf.

According to Ronald Regan, Senior Citizens Day is “the perfect time to show gratitude and appreciation by making sure our residences are good places… where older people can participate as much as possible [finding] encouragement, acceptance, support, and (the) services they need to continue living a life of independence and dignity.”

There are over 600 million people over the age of 60 worldwide - and this number continues to grow as medicinal advancements help people live longer. As a country, we need to come together and make sure that our aging loved ones get the caregiver support, nutrition, and help with daily living that they deserve for their contribution to society. These goals should further ensure that no elderly loved ones struggle or suffer unnecessarily nor live a life that’s not happy, healthy, and fulfilling.

We can achieve these goals by:

  • Supporting aging loved ones through the aging process
  • Participating in society to help promote your aging loved ones’ needs, skills and knowledge for the next generation
  • Spending time with older adult residents who are alone
  • Volunteering at a Legend Senior Living assisted living community
  • Thanking elders for everything they have done for their children (like cultivating nurturing relationships, recognizing their sacrifices in life, and even providing important guidance)
  • Ending hunger and poverty for the elderly to guarantee a peaceful life
  • Using #SeniorCititzensDay hashtags on social media posts to help promote awareness

Our loved ones have contributed so much to our great nation; forging it into the country that it is today. Because of this, we owe them all a huge debt of gratitude. We can take our grandparents out for coffee and simply share life stories with them. We can help them feel cherished. Sometimes, even celebrating aging with loved ones can mean so much to them.

If you bake treats or other goodies, be sure to distribute them to those who don’t have loved ones near to visit. Include a personal note of thanks for all that older adults have accomplished- including any positive impacts they’ve had on your life. You can also help them find senior citizen’s discounts at stores and restaurants in the area!

The Unseen Positive Impacts of Senior Citizens Day

Your loved ones want to preserve their legacy and their history. They want to share stories of the past, and reminisce about things you’ve never experienced. They want you to document their past, remembering important events and helping them memorialize their achievements.

Studies have found that participating in these activities has shown positive impacts on seniors’ memory skills, emotional health, cognitive ability (especially for those suffering from memory disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia) and even with physical wellbeing! Sharing positive memories and reminiscing have even been proven to have marked effects on aging loved one’s pride, self-esteem, and positive outlook on life. Plus, these stories preserve priceless memories, and bring together families and residences - teaching future generations important stories about real-life heroes of the past.

If you’re interested in getting involved or would like a tour of Legend Senior Living, contact us today! We encourage you to join Legend Senior Living in our celebration of life, not only this August 21st, but every single day.