Benefits Of Good Nutrition

July 1st, 2018 | Senior Health

Eat Well. Live Well.

When you were younger, your mother probably instilled the idea of drink your milk and eat your veggies. Well, we agree with mom – and that concept doesn’t change as you age. While your appetite may change, you still need to make good choices when it comes to nutrition.

The following are benefits that improved nutrition can provide:

  • A healthy diet and proper nutrition can increase your energy level which will help you stay more mobile and flexible
  • Good nutrition can help you fight off illness
  • Seniors with better eating habits tend to have an increased mental capacity

Sometimes, getting to the store or preparing your meals can be difficult. You may consider a senior living residence where meals are prepared fresh daily by skilled chefs. In some communities, menus are chosen by licensed nutrition experts that understand the health needs of senior adults.

Eating alone can also decrease appetites. At senior living communities, residents can share meals in dining rooms with their friends and neighbors. The socialization aspect can improve overall food intake.