Signs That Your Aging Loved One May Be Struggling at Home

November 30th, 2017 | For Family Members

The holidays are here. For many families, this is the one time during the year you are able to all be together. You may notice some changes in your senior loved one since the last time you saw them. Below are 5 things to look for when assessing their overall health and safety.

  1. Around the house – Have there been changes in how they keep up with their housework? Is it untidy, is mail piling up, is there laundry lying around? Seniors may have difficulty getting around or even remembering daily activities.
  2. Eating habits – Has your loved one experienced shifts in weight? This could be a serious health concern, but also a sign of depression. Look in their refrigerator and pantry. Often a senior is not shopping or cooking and does not have healthy food choices. You may wish to remove expired food.
  3. Personal hygiene – Do you notice a change in the way your loved one looks? Body odor, stained clothing or uncombed hair can be signs of depression, or difficulty caring for themselves.
  4. Personality changes – Has your normally social parent become more withdrawn? Are they less engaged in family conversations or activities? These are typically signs of depression and can also be a health risk.
  5. Difficulty getting around – Is your loved one less steady on their feet? Do you notice they are sitting too much and not moving around? These can be signs that they are worried about falling. They may also be concerned about appearing feeble.

If you are concerned with any of these situations, talk to your loved one. Tell them how you feel and what you have noticed. You may determine that they are ready for a change. They may be relieved to have the conversation as well. If you have any questions about how to start the conversation, we can help too. Feel free to call a Legend Senior Living™ senior care consultant – we want your holidays to be fun and festive.