Windsor Pointe Introduces Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles

March 23rd, 2021 | Company News

Legend Senior Living® announced today that the new Windsor Pointe of Jacksonville Vibrant Independent Living, opening this year as Legend’s 43rd senior living community, will introduce charging stations for residents who own electric vehicles (EV). The inclusion of EV-capable car parking is consistent with the new residence as a model of innovation. Legend is a Wichita-based company with residences in six states that has been an innovator in senior living for more than three decades. Windsor Pointe will be the company’s 11th residence in Florida.

“Many of our new residents and prospects have asked about EV charging stations because this group is keenly tuned to energy and environmental preservation,” said Debi Thomas, Vice President, Business Development, Legend Senior Living. “Windsor Pointe is a natural entry place for this technology, based on the projected growth of the EV industry and the fact that we can install the stations in a ground-up construction.”

The manufacturer of the charging stations, ChargePoint, “the world’s largest network” states,  “By 2040, 35% of vehicles sold will be electric.” According to ChargePoint, an EV can cut greenhouse gas emissions in half or more. The company estimates that drivers using their stations have prevented more than 65 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions over the last few years.

“If you think of seniors as being late adopters of technology, where EV is concerned this couldn’t be farther from the case,” Thomas continued. “Experts in senior living architecture assert that ‘there is an electric vehicle movement happening in senior living’ and it’s not surprising to us, from our experience with Legend and Windsor communities.”

Several factors make EV a perfect fit for senior living. Older adults tend to downsize vehicles as they downsize their homes or seek independent living options. Also, their natural sense of altruism, conservation, economy and a conscious desire to leave a cleaner planet for their grandchildren drive, so to speak, their adoption of simpler, more reliable transportation.

“In Vibrant Independent Living a large percentage of the residents drive. Independence is the whole point. EV cars are easier to maintain, easier to park and sacrifice nothing in performance for urban use, perfect in a metro area like Jacksonville,” said Thomas. She characterizes Windsor Pointe as one of Legend’s flagship innovation and technology communities.