The Regent To Send Veterans On Dream Flights During Operation September Freedom

September 21st, 2022 | Company News

The Regent, a Legend Senior Living® Independent Living residence in Wichita, Kansas, will again send senior veterans aloft for Operation September Freedom (OSF) on September 26, 2022 at Stearman Field in Benton, Kansas. This will be the seventh year The Regent has participated. The Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation, a non-profit organization formed in 2011 by Darryl & Carol Fisher and family, operates the Dream Flights. Lately, the flights have spotlighted World War II veterans, drawing on the ever-smaller population of these retired service members.


“We’re very excited to have eight senior veterans taking the flight this year. And they’re all certainly very excited,” said Jacob Kerrigan, Residence Director for The Regent.


Dream Flights brings a Boeing Stearman biplane, the primary training aircraft used by the Air Corps and Navy prewar. Nearly 11,000 of the aircraft were ordered and manufactured by Boeing Stearman in Wichita, and since have been widely used as crop-dusters, exhibition aircraft and as trainers by the armed forces of dozens of countries.


“Imagine the thrill of flying in an airplane that pilots trained in nearly 80 years ago,” said Kerrigan, pointing out that September 2nd marked 77 years since the Japanese surrender, which ended the war.


Stearman Bar and Grill is allowing The Regent to use its enclosed patio for observing the flights. Family members of the flyers and other residents are encouraged to come and support the flyers. The restaurant is also catering for the day. The first flight is scheduled for 9:00 a.m.


“Our brave war veterans are so precious to their friends at The Regent,” said Kerrigan. “Everybody shares the excitement of this flight of a lifetime. We can’t wait to hear the stories when they land.”