Legend Associate Receives National Award

May 21st, 2014 | Other

Each year, the ALFA Hero Awards recognize individuals who are ideal representatives of the hundreds of thousands of people serving in senior living communities. ALFA Hero Award nominations of residence staff are welcomed from residence executive directors/administrators or company and regional executives.

Legend Senior Living is proud to announce that Rosario Spires, CNA at The Windsor of Lakewood Ranch was awarded the very distinguished honor of ALFA 2014 HERO.

Rosario has served seniors at The Windsor of Lakewood Ranch since April of 2008 and is described as a team player and a peacemaker by her peers. Residence director at Lakewood Ranch, Kathy White, values Rosario’s ability to instill confidence in the residents she serves; she appreciates Rosario’s steady, gentle, calm and patient approach to providing assistance to seniors. Not only has Rosario shown dedication and commitment to service through her work as a CNA, she has also overcome incredible odds through her strength of character. In November of 2009, Rosario underwent surgery for a brain tumor and as a result lost hearing in one ear and suffered some facial paralysis. This was merely a setback for Rosario, who continues today to work hard and help others. Even when Rosario lost her parents last year, she returned to The Windsor and said she was anxious to get back to her “other family.” The residents’ love and concern for Rosario helped her to quickly overcome these trials.

Through it all, Rosario never shows anxiety, anger or stress, which can be seen in her approach to resident care. She does not take anything the residents do personally and always has a positive attitude because, as she said, “It is the way it is, and my job is to make them happy, not me happy.”

Legend Senior Living congratulates Rosario Spires. We are proud of this outstanding Legend associate and are honored to serve alongside her.

“The dedication and passion of all the big-hearted people who choose to serve seniors is a reason why resident-centered senior living is the fastest-growing long-term services and support option in the United States. The high-quality, resident-focused care provided by these outstanding individuals and their residences is what our nation's seniors need and deserve.” -- Richard P. Grimes, President and CEO, ALFA.