Discover the Best Balance Exercises for Seniors


The Centers for Disease Control reports that one in four seniors fall each year, though that number is expected to be higher due to unreported incidents. Falls happen for a variety of reasons ranging from low vision to poor balance. While you might not be able to reduce all of your fall risk factors, you can take significant steps with new habits. Balance exercises for seniors can be the foundation of your fall prevention plan.


Benefits of Balance Exercises for Seniors


Strength, balance, and flexibility all play into reducing your risk of falling while at home or while out and about in your town. When you work on improving your balance you can find more benefits than just feeling steadier on your feet. Balance training for seniors can:


  • Decrease fall risk

  • Improve proprioception, or your ability to know where you are in space

  • Decrease risk of injury to your lower extremities, like your knees or ankles

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Enhance feelings of self-esteem and empowerment

  • Increase coordination


Best Balance Exercises for Seniors


Before you begin any new additions to your current exercise regimen, be sure you speak with your physician. In many cases, you can even ask your doctor for a referral to a physical or occupational therapist who can evaluate your current balance and provide ideas for exercises to improve balance for seniors that you can work on daily at home. It’s also important that you never try any balance work if you are feeling lightheaded or ill, and that you perform your exercises near a chair, wall, or sturdy grab bar in case you need it during your workout.


Balance training for seniors can incorporate a variety of exercises or approaches. Yoga, for example, can be done standing or seated and focuses on balance as well as body awareness. Check your local senior center or park district calendar of events for a yoga class to try. Tai chi is another excellent option for balance work in a group setting.


You can also work on balance exercises at home, such as alternating standing on one foot, marching, or grapevine walking down your hallway. Sitting on a balance ball while simply looking from one side to another can also increase balance and spatial awareness.


How Legend Senior Living Brings Balance to Life


At Legend Senior Living residences across the country, team members focus on new ways to enhance the overall wellness of every resident. One way we do this is by taking a multi-faceted approach to fall reduction. We design our residences with environmental adjustments that reduce fall risk. Our wide hallways, low pile carpeting, grab bars, and well-designed coloring throughout every Legend residence help residents to independently navigate throughout their home confidently. 


Further, every apartment is just the right size and includes plenty of non-glare natural lighting thanks to plenty of windows. These adjustments make it easier to avoid falls. In addition to abundant natural light, our indoor lighting fixtures are purposefully placed to reduce shadows on the floor which can lead to confusion and increased fall risk.


But our approach to fall reduction doesn’t stop with our environmental design. We are also sure to incorporate balance training for seniors into our group exercise classes that are offered to our residents throughout the week. 


Our teams also work hand-in-hand with local physical therapists to perform regular fall-risk assessments and identify residents who could benefit from some more extensive balance exercises.


Don’t wait until you or your loved one has a fall to research your options at Legend Senior Living. We are here to help you meet your health goals, whether that is balance work, nutritious meals, meeting new friends, or enjoying a bit of extra assistance with daily tasks.


Contact the residence nearest you to schedule your personalized tour.