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(Name Retracted) basically said it all!! But I had a bad fall, surgery...! And when I started to get back in the swing of things, All the staff that I already knew (all ), LOL, they were so welcoming “to me” , I was almost embarrassed... BUT, it’s like family! We LOVE all the Activities & have made them part of our family activities



My mother is a resident of The Windsor. She has really enjoyed living there. The employees there are so kind to all the residents. I visit with her a lot and I see how much respect the residents are given. Loads of fun activities are planned. She is going to therapy to walk better. She is not steady on her feet but she is improving. She has her hair done every week. They help her dress and she is looking great. I really appreciate the great job the nurses and staff are doing taking care of my Mom. I rest easy knowing she is being treated with kindness when I am not around. The food is wonderful and she is eating well. It is a quiet and friendly place!



The one I was impressed with the most was The Windsor at San Pablo. First of all, it’s gorgeous. It was the prettiest. It was nice and elegant. They had a home theater. It was really upscale and nice. What I really like is that they had restaurant-style dining; you went into a high-end restaurant where they have the menu and one of those leather bound booklets. It was really nice. The price was reasonable. It was comparable to the other places I saw.



My mother is in The Windsor at San Pablo. It is wonderful. Everything is awesome, including the people and the providers. My mother is in the memory care unit, which has very kind people. The place is beautiful, clean, and spacious. The dining area is really good, very clean, and very nice. It is only two years old. My mother is in the locked-in unit. They have a library, a nice courtyard, and a movie theater. They play bingo, cards, and have a bunch of activities. It is expensive, but it comparable to other places and much nicer.


Remarkable place with friendly people.



Always on point at Windsor. When I come to do Home Health visits. Super clean. Busy and stimulating activities. Staff always eager to help and charming.



The Windsor has a very friendly atmosphere with music, entertainment, education, exercise, and medical assistance. The Windsor is always clean and efficiently operated.



We moved my mom into Windsor at San Pablo after being at another facility since November. I can't adequately describe how pleased we all are that we made the effort- especially my mom! The administrative staff, the therapists, the nurses, the aids, the wait staff, the driver, the housekeeper, all make an incredible team. (I hope I didn't forget anyone because everyone has been wonderful). So pleasant, caring, encouraging, safety conscious and helpful. Plus it is beautiful, she really likes the food (she didn't care for the previous facility's food at all so I had to bring food in to her); it's easy for her to get around (plus it is a great location for us to visit) and it feels like HOME!



My brother and I helped move our eldest sister into The Windsor at San Pablo, Jacksonville FL yesterday. It was a 2-day process with the movers and we kept The Windsor advised of our plan. They were all so very helpful, checking in on us to see if we needed anything, various staff stopping by to introduce themselves and advise what they do and how they can assist. Everyone was warm and welcoming. The staff in the dining area recognized she was new and took the time to say hello and let her know how things worked in the dining area and bistro. We came across one of the nurses in the hallway who introduced herself and we told her we were headed to find the beauty parlor, she took the time to walk us down there and opened the door to see both the beauty parlor and massage room (it was after hours). I can't say enough about how this helped to make a positive start to a difficult life change for her. The mid-size room is both bright and cheery with more space than we anticipated, once her furniture and possessions were moved in. Thank you Windsor Staff for this positive start for my sister. My brother and I feel confident that she is well taken care of and not just a number.



My mother has been a resident at The Windsor for over 7 months now. I have been beyond pleased with my experience! The staff is caring, reliable, and very encouraging to all the residents. My mother enjoys the outings and activities a great deal. She also loves the food and doesn't miss cooking! Great job!!!



We placed my father into Windsor when he was in mid stage dementia. He was angry, didn't understand why he had to be there, and even what the place was. They were very patient and nice to him. While he grumbled until we had to finally move him to a Hospice facility, he was always complimentary about the people there, as well as the food. In the early stages, when he was a 'flight risk', they kept a good eye on him and kept him from venturing too far. There are a number of activities to participate in, unfortunately he tended to refuse to take advantage of them. Many residents did, and it looked like they were having a great time. The staff were always willing to listen to any concerns we may have had, and were very patient with us as well. The facility is very clean, appealing and comfortable. My mother would eat with him several times a week and loved the food. I was very happy with it as well. They helped make a tough time much easier to deal with.



My Aunt has lived at The Windsor for almost a year, and she is truly happy and engaged. She's made several new friends and loves her apartment overlooking the gorgeous courtyard. Even though she was reluctant to leave her home in the beginning, she has started a new chapter and she's so much more engaged and social. She hardly has time for us these days, but we visit often, and even our teenage son loves to go because of the amazing movie theater.