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Deb F.

Our 99-year-old mom has been at the Windsor of Venice for about 18 months. I attribute much of her well being, positive attitude, and engaged spirit to all that the Windsor does for her. The Windsor offers all kinds of activities; my mom says she has more to do in the day than she has time for. As her personal needs have changed, the Windsor has been responsive, flexible, and caring. They are also attentive to me as well, always and quickly responding to my questions and initiating plenty of communications, especially during the pandemic. During the last year, the Windsor has been working very hard to keep their residents safe and well-tended. So many creative activities, within the bounds of strict protocols. Complaints? My mom is a picky eater, and she hesitates asking the staff for anything special. I wish she would do that, rather than tell me! I live 1000 miles away, so the Windsor is indeed a surrogate family for us all. I could not be more grateful.


Barbara S.

I have a close friend who is a resident at the Windsor of Venice and I must say that she cannot say enough great things about this community! I have personally visited many times and everyone from the administration to the line workers, they're all so friendly and welcoming! I have been particularly impressed with their communication during the pandemic. Thank you Windsor for everything that you do for your residents.


Lynn D.

I am pleased to share my experience with the Windsor of Venice, where my Mother is currently a resident. We have been pleased, beyond words!! The sunny cheerful apartment is just wonderful, and not far away are helpful, cheerful, lovely staff. We have found a home for Mom. I feel welcome to visit and take her out, and, we also enjoy so many lovely aspects of the Windsor, such fine dining, fun activities and a staff that is so uplifting, honestly, this has been a dream!! I hope you find the right place for yourself, or, a loved one, but, i would take a look at the Windsor of Venice, for sure.


Marcia M.

My parents were at the Windsor for over two years and were lovingly cared for. I cannot speak highly enough about the place and the caregivers. My mother moved into memory care after my stepfather died at age 101 and she had great care in the memory care unit. Judy McDonald, sue french and Donna marino were wonderful to my parents. I biked over every day and they became like family to me. I love the place!


Tom O.

I had a senior friend named Duke who moved into the Windsor of Venice in Nov of 2017. We are so impressed with the staff, the cleanliness and the attention to detail in the care for the people who live at the Windsor. The hallways are wide, clean and brightly lit. Every door has a personal touch that reflects the person living inside the room. My wife and I visited the Windsor 3-5 times a week for 20 months and saw the same care taken whether it was 10 pm, 6 am or 12 noon. Every holiday is reflected in the ever changing decor. We have eaten in the dining room numerous times and found the food to be quite good, better than we expected. Our friend was an old Italian and there was "never enough sausage", but he enjoyed the food and looked forward to his meals. Towards the end of his life, many of the staff would bring him meals or if they knew the dining room was serving something he didn't like, a grilled cheese sandwich. The kitchen is great about providing alternatives! The Windsor is a special place, just visit and you will see what I mean. The staff really makes the difference....


Paula T.

I love to go to The Windsor and share poems with the residents. The wonderful Recreation Director Jivka is a very special lady. She truly cares and with her Artistic touch she creates a nice place for the residents to feel loved. The Windsor has a special clean ,cozy living room , at home feel. The staff are friendly and really nurturing and caring. The meals are healthy and varied. Always a pleasure visiting The Windsor! It's just like home.



My mother-in-law is at The Windsor of Venice. The staff who assisted us was excellent, very helpful, and very enthusiastic about their facility. She was very caring about what we wanted and just went out of her way. It exceeded our expectations. She thought the food wasn't spectacular. It was OK, but she still chose the place because of the other things that were available. For someone who's looking for something that's not huge and overwhelming, it's perfect. It's a smaller facility. I think they have a capacity of maybe eighty-some residents. It's so clean and well lit. It's very clean, and the layout is great. The hallways are totally uncluttered, bright and cheery, and, most importantly, clean. They have a lovely little courtyard, and we just moved her into a courtyard apartment. It's a nice little homey environment, and all the staff has been very pleasant and helpful. They have someone who does their activities, so they have a variety of activities for the residents. I think the big amenity is the courtyard and being able to sit out there. There's a fountain out there, there's an area outside the facility where there is a pond, and they have a sitting area out there. She happens to be a smoker, so that was a consideration, because it's not easy to find a place for smoking if you're a smoker. They mainly do the activities in some of the common areas, but she's choosing not to participate. It looked like the residents were having a great time with the different activities that I saw. The residents seemed to be involved, and they were making it appropriate for them to participate whatever their abilities are. It's probably a little higher priced than some of the other facilities, but I think all in all it's probably a good value. They have everything that she could want to do, if she wanted to do it. They put out a calendar every month, and it has a list of activities, so it really gives a variety of options for the people who are interested in participating.



Windsor of Venice is a great community! Such a warm place from the moment you walk through the doors! My friend is a resident here and she is very happy! She cannot say enough good things everyone from the administration team to the housecleaning crew, they’re amazing!



The Windsor of Venice was immaculately maintained, seemed to have a caring staff, and had plenty of nursing help in evidence. It seemed to have good quality organization. The location is great for me. I can walk to The Windsor from where I live. The grounds for an eight-year-old facility were in extraordinary condition. They have unlimited activities and are continuing to expand them. I was there yesterday and they were having a wine and roses luncheon for their residents. Every Wednesday night they have a little Wine Down party. They have Bridge, Poker, and a book club. It seems to be a pretty robust senior exercise schedule and they have an activities director who seems very responsive to monthly residence meetings and activities. They take small buses to movies or the local theater, and they've taken the residents to casinos as well.



The Windsor of Venice was very nice but too expensive. Everything was practically new, and they had a lot of employees running around doing stuff. They had a lot of good stuff on their calendar of activities. The amenities were very nice. The room had a bedroom, a living room, a bath, and a kitchenette.



The Windsor of Venice was very nice. I liked the decorations because they were more contemporary than the stuff you see in a lot of retirement places. The red velvet and gold chains and crystals, all that stuff is depressing to me. The personnel of the facility were extremely friendly and helpful. The other residents were just great, friendly, and easy going. The ambassadors were sitting out in the lobby encouraging you to come in and they're a lot of fun to talk to. It was a very pleasant experience. We had one dinner there with homemade vegetable lasagna, and it was incredible. The chef was fantastic. The living room area was good, the library seemed to be quite comprehensive, the game and recreation area was nice. I think it's appropriate for the age, mental and physical abilities of the residents. They went out of their way to have my mom moved in on a Sunday. They were having an open house party with a rock and roll band in the living room, and all kinds of things going on.



The Windsor was absolutely beautiful. The memory care unit was a small little apartment, but for the group activities they were doing a lot of singing together. There was a lot of group education. The staff was very accommodating. That would have been almost 3 times as much in cost.



There were different sized rooms you can use, and they were very spacious, clean, and well-maintained. The staff seemed very friendly and attentive. There was a sing-along, there were people playing chess, and I was told that they had various trips into Venice for cultural events. I really liked the Windsor of Venice. We had lunch there, the food was very good, and it was a clean and spacious dining room.



My husband has been in the Windsor since last May. He's been there a year. They're very, very good to him. He has everything there, his own room. Today, we're going out to lunch. They have music, arts, and crafts. They have people who come in and entertain, exercise, and all kinds of activities. They go on a bus ride every Friday, and we go to lunch every other week. We have a family potluck on the last Wednesday of the month for lunch. They're concerned for their patients. We're one big family. It's very clean. It's only four years old, it's very nice. We have a very good chef.



The Windsor is a relatively new, privately owned facility that has assisited living as well as a "Memory Wing" for people with advaced demential. My father has been there since February. The staff is caring and kind, the food is good to great and he really enjoys the activities and social interaction. They recently had a wonderful selebration of Veteren's Day and recognized the 27 World War 1 Veterans who live there. I live seasonally close by, and often drop in unannounced. I usually have to go looking for my Dad as he participates in almost everything. He joined the signing group, even though to my knolwege, he never sang before! It is a great releif to me to know that he is happy and being well cared for in my absence.



We toured this residence and it was very nice. The staff was very friendly and they answered all our questions. The tour was really good.


Barbara S.

Windsor of Venice is a lovely community- tastefully decorated with many caring and compassionate staff members. I am grateful for the excellent care my loved ones receives.


Jackie R.

My husband is in the Reflections area, so I chose to live in an apt here so I could visit often. Personally like being here too.


Angie Z.

Staff works hard to keep us happy and entertained. I play the piano every day for the residents and enjoy the comments I receive. I view this experience of residence living as a challenge - like living in another country!



My Uncle has been at Windsor of Venice for over 4 years. We live within 2 miles of the facility, so we are in and out of the Windsor very often. Currently, the Director, [name removed], is doing an outstanding job. He works hard to ensure that the facility is clean, attractive, safe and pleasant. It is a difficult job for all of the facilities to attract and keep highly qualified personnel, but he works hard to try to have the best staff possible. Over the years, we have seen many staff members come and go, which is the same in every facility. Currently, they are increasing the activities available for the residents, which is always welcome. While their activities program has almost always been good, it is always good to have more! We have had much experience over the years with various nursing homes, assisted living, etc., facilities. So, here's our opinion: If you or a loved one has to be in a facility, it really doesn't get any better than the Windsor of Venice. We hope [name removed] and his staff will be in place for a long while and continue to provide this warm atmosphere for their residents.