Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with The Windsor of Palm Coast and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Barbara W.

My mother, who has Alzheimer's Dementia, has been living at The Windsor of Palm Coast for 2+ years and it has been a great place for her! The staff, from administration to patient care, have all been excellent at taking good care of her, especially during the continued COVID-19 Pandemic. The facility itself is kept clean and odor free. Activities are great!


Lisa E.

The Windsor of Palm Coast is the perfect place for your loved one. The facility is very welcoming and full of a fun-loving team of professionals. They always have fun things going on and a accommodating scope of services to meet the needs of each resident.


Theresa C.

The Windsor is a beautiful assisted living facility that has warm compassionate employees that make all the difference in the care of your loved one. Melanie, Sandy and Beth are genuine, loving nurses that really listen to the needs of the families and residents.Of course, having lovely surroundings is important,but NOTHiNG rises above how someone makes you feel! Melanie and her staff specialize in making each resident feel important and heard. Each resident is unique and equally cared for. Oh, and the food here is awesome!!!


Melissa B.

I volunteer at The Windsor of Palm Coast regularly and I am always greeted with such appreciation from the staff. I have witnessed the staff and caregivers show respect and love to the residents. It’s also so lovely to see committed family members participate regularly with activities and events. I would highly recommend this lovely community.


Tracy C.

I am the owner of Senior Massage Specialists, and have the opportunity of providing massage therapy to the residents at this beautiful community. Every staff member I have come in contact with has been warm and inviting, and in my opinion, this is a direct reflection of having a great leadership team that leads by example. The residents often tell me how much they enjoy living there and how much they appreciate the care they are given. I was recently there on a Friday afternoon during "Happy Hour", where there was live music, dancing, and refreshments being served. It was such a joy to see what a great time they were having! At The Windsor of Palm Coast, the emphasis is placed on providing compassion, love and dignity for their residents, and this is apparent in everything they do!


Angel M.

I am greeted daily with smiling faces and genuine hearts. The building is well maintained inside and out, you can tell the staff care about the environment. Truly a safe and loving place for anyone that needs the extra attention that they deserve.


Sonoa M.

Went on a tour of the Windsor and I must say, I was really impressed. High ceilings and big windows everywhere gave such a light and airy feeling; another thing that struck me was how the place was decorated. Every aspect, everything you looked at was pretty! Whether you walked down to the library and played billiards or sat at one of the game tables, or walked along the gorgeous paved walkway with the beautiful fountain, or went to the movie room or activities room, it seemed to me there would always be something interesting to lure you out of your room--which, speaking of, the rooms are SO NICE! Beautifully laid out and spacious feeling, the one I looked at today had its own charming patio to enjoy. The green landscaping and delicate trees were so restful, I just wanted to sit down there myself. I haven't said a word about all the amenities and activities on offer because that would take a while, and for right now I just wanted to concentrate on what I saw. What I saw was a beautifully designed and planned facility filled with friendly staff, and peopled with lively, engaged, and smiling residents. I was really impressed!


Melissa B.

I visit the Windsor on a weekly basis to teach a yoga class there. Every week I am greeted with happy, genuine, kind smiling faces. The facility is always sparkling clean (TRULY clean, not just surface spot clean), and most importantly, the residents are happy. The Windsor does a phenomenal job of building residence and is constantly going above and beyond to ensure the quality of life for the wonderful people who live there. I only wish that this facility was available for my grandparents when they needed it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.



Beautiful facility - even more wonderful staff! They are all very knowledgeable and kind.


Barbara C.

My mom is in this beautiful place with these beautiful friendly helpful people. I am so very impressed the care they all give and with a smile always. My 90 year old mother has made a complete turnaround since she has been there. Her health, her mood everything has gotten better. I cannot rave about this place enough. If you love your parents and want them to be well cared for and happy , this is the place for them. Thank you all for being there everyday in everyway. God Bless them all!! love you guys!


Greg C.

The staff is fantastic. They are very friendly and dedicated to helping everyone. The building is clean and well maintained on the inside and outside. It’s a great place to have someone you care about live when they need help. Overall a very caring atmosphere.


Cara M.

My Grandmother went on a tour that was scheduled promptly and very informative. She loved the place and the experience she had with the staff. The Windsor is at the top of her list for when the time comes for her to transition into assisted living.


Emily J.

We have had such great and positive experiences with the staff at the Windsor. The facility is so lovely, and I feel like they couldn't be more attentive to our loved one.



My brother-in-law moved into The Windsor of Palm Coast's assisted living. It's phenomenal, itÂ’s absolutely fantastic, and we love it. He has an apartment and it's perfect. It's the perfect size, it's the perfect amount of privacy, and it's fantastic. He loves the food; he gets three meals a day plus snacks. He can go to the dining room or eat in his apartment. The staff members are all so nice -- all of them. You can see anyone in the hallway who works there, and they all say hello and ask how you're doing. They check on him constantly. There are activities every day, and he gets a schedule for the month. They have a library, a teaching kitchen, an art room, a full dining room, and a guest dining room. It's phenomenal. The place is very clean, very organized, and very safe. I saw their activities chart, and it's pretty cool.



My father is at The Windsor of Palm Coast. As far as where he's at right now, it seems to be going okay for the time being. They were locked down for about two weeks, because there were about four Covid occurrences in the facility there. Everybody's still kind of locked out and he's basically locked in his room, but so far, so good. He fell one time, but that's about it. It's immaculately clean and everybody there is very friendly. I really can't say anything bad about them because they've all been very accommodating, and going through everything everybody's going through with this Covid situation. I was impressed by it when I first walked in there a couple of years ago. It just had a nice cheerful environment. The staff has been excellent. The people in the dining area, down to the people who come around and do their laundry and the housecleaning, they're all very nice. My father likes them. I'd want to go there if I got to that situation. He has an apartment. It is divided where he has his bedroom on one side of the wall on the right, the bathroom on the left, and then he has his little living room. He has two TVs in there, a little kitchenette with a microwave and a refrigerator, counter space and a sink. There's a variety of rooms. We looked at around four apartments. He liked the activities there when everything was up and running without this virus coming into play. They go out to plays, concerts, and they take them up to the Nights of Lights in St. Augustine. They have in-house games they play, they have bands that come in and they dance, they have little food and they invite the kids, me and my sister in there for a 5-course dinner during holidays. They have their food upstairs and downstairs whenever they want it. They keep themselves occupied with mind stimulating games with his group. They have an activity list and they can participate or not, but staff comes around and asks them if they want to go out and participate in something. They're always checking and of course we had to pay for elevated care on him because his gait is off a little bit. We had people come in there and walk him down to the dining room, make sure he's okay and walking back. When it comes to somebody with dementia, you have to basically redirect them. However, some staff members don't quite have certain techniques of redirecting. That's my only complaint about that. From what I've heard and read about people with dementia, if they get kind of confrontational, you just got to basically redirect them in another way to get them out of whatever turmoil they're having in their mind at that point in time. I've always enjoyed going there when I could go in, but I can't go in now. I've had breakfast, lunch and dinners there and I found the food to be good. They have a variety for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have the meat, chicken, and pork. They cover all those bases. I really liked the way they had all the carpeting. For as old as it is, it looks like new. They're well maintaining inside and everything is clean, you don't find stains on the wall, you don't find any stains on the carpet. Everything is meticulously kept. It's always fresh and clean when you walk in there. You see people moving about. They appear pretty content. I don't see anybody hollering and screaming; it's very tranquil. He seems okay with everything, and he's kind of a hard guy to please. He likes going out and they take him out, he sees things and goes to concerts. I haven't seen all the activities that they had. I just know they have planned activities.



My mother moved into the Windsor of Palm Coast. They've been extremely accommodating, the food ranges from really good to mediocre, but my mom's very happy with it. They have wonderful activities, so she likes that too, and they've just been really good to her. Her room is kind of small, but it's enough for her, and she goes upstairs where there are other areas, craft rooms, and those are spacious, smell good, and it's comfortable there. The other activities are really good.



The Windsor of Palm Coast gand down has the best team and residence I've ever visited. From care to food to activities, ambience and cleanness It's all you could want and more. Nikki the sales director was amaxing and was knowledgeable , sincere and genuine when it came to my wants n needs for my mom. You couldnt be in any better hands!



My grandmother moved into this place two months ago. She is very happy with the care in which she receives. The activities are a little dull and lackluster but the food that the chef prepares makes up for everything. In glad that my grandmother found a place that she enjoys so much.


Pam W.

Windsor of Palm Coast has everything. My relative is in assisted living. Some staff members are friendlier than others, but overall, we are really impressed. The food is some of the best with dessert from scratch and homemade meals, not out of the box. They keep the residents busy all of the time. Friday afternoon, at 3:00, they have a get together time with lots of music. There's this man who's 94 years old who dances with his wife every Friday. He dances the whole time. They have homemade crab cakes and serve shrimp for some of the residents who might want to have lunch. They have bingo, church that comes in, play games and get assistance from the younger generation, and have board games and cards.



It's clean and safe, and it looked like my parents would get excellent attention there. The people working here are very kind, and they seem to care about the people that are living there. They have a variety of activities for all stages of physical ability. It seems very up-to-date. I have eaten there, and the food is good. Windsor of Palm Coast offers a hybrid of care. If one person needs more care than the other, they stay in the apartment and receive the care rather than relocate to a seperate place.



It has been 10 days since my mom has moved in at The Windsor of Palm Coast. It's a relatively new facility. From what I have observed from several visits, the staff are consistently very kind and tender with the residents. My mom is living in a small apartment with a living room and a separate bedroom. The food is excellent. They have different kinds of activities like story telling in which the residents can participate. They also have games. Every Friday they have happy hour in which they can have a little wine and beer. They also bring in entertainment. One time, they had belly dancers. They also take the residents out to shop or go to the beach. They seem to have a very attentive approach to the residents and they are very open to suggestions.



My father likes The Windsor very much. The staff is excellent, they're very good, and the facility is clean.


Capt. Dave

I recently toured this beautiful facility for my mother. From the moment I entered I knew this was the place. The staff was friendly and well dressed. The building and bathrooms were very clean. We had lunch and the food was on par with many of the area country clubs, well presented and very flavorful. Not what I expected. I can't say enough good things about the Windsor of Palm Coast.



We recently moved my great aunt into the Windsor. The building is beautiful but its the staff that makes this place so special. Wonderful care, beautiful facilities, 5 stars all the way.


Lisa E.

The Windsor of Palm Coast is friendly, family-oriented facility. You will get a warm sense of home the minute you walk in the door. Rest assured that your loved ones will be cared for and entertained for days.


Tina W.

Always a pleasant environment to visit. The food is always appetizing and the staff is always helpful and kind. The place is always clean.


Karen G.

Awesome place great staff and very knowledgeable. I would recommend in a heartbeat.


Hilda C.

The Windsor is doing a great job taking care of the needs of their residents. The care giving is really authentic. I often see staff members stop to help a resident in need, even when they are on their way to a lunch break or leaving for the day. Here residents are involved in many activities and their opinion matters. In conclusion, it is my opinion that The Windsor is delivering the best service to their residents.


Hannah B.

I've had the pleasure of working closely with this community, it's residents and it's employees. I must say it's been a pleasure every step of the way! I always look forward to being a part of their events and mingling with everyone. There's always something going on and something to keep you busy.


Angel R.

In the short time my parents have lived at Windsor, they have found the accommodations to be exceptional. The setting and staff is extremely caring and friendly. The food is high quality and the culinary staff continuously reassesses its menu to accommodate its residents while maintaining a healthy diet. Moreover, the overall physical structure is kept impeccable and well sanitized. Overall, I rate the Windsor facility, its staff as excellent.