Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with The Windsor of Ocala and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Jan B.

This is the very best in Ocala, and better than in most other places. The "age in place" philosophy is not common in most senior communities. I HIGHLY recommend The Windsor for independent living with "as you need it" assistance options. You needn't move a loved one (or yourself) from facility to facility as the need for assistance grows. I contacted The Windsor by email from out of state. Brenda was lightning fast getting back to me and interested in the details of my search for a family member's relocation to Ocala. Her genuine concern to assist us with our search was incredible. She accommodated my erratic schedule cheerfully, and welcomed us for the tour as though she had known me for years. There was a personalized greeting on a photo stand as I entered. Brenda is an expert in her field and determined to assist in every possible way. She describes The Windsor as a "cruise ship on land" with all of the attention to residents that phrase implies, with the top priority being health and safety. The grounds, services, accommodations and dining are of the pampered nature one experiences on a luxury cruise. The staff exudes a willingness to help and is cheerful. The low rate of turnover indicates a great place to work. That says it is a great place to be for residents as well. Better than 5 stars all around.


Wendy D.

Since 2010 i have had nothing but amazing experiences with all associates and leadership team at The Windsor of Ocala. They have displayed a true sincere passion for what they do for families and residents. I couldn't recommend a better residence for your loved one. They are the experts in the industry providing the highest standards of quality of service, lifestyle and care. Before you make any decisions for your loved one, I highly encourage you to reach out to this stellar residence who are the leaders and experts in the industry. You'll be happy you did! thanks to all the team members for changing families and residents lives for the betterment year after year.


Kathleen K.

We live next door to The Windsor of Ocala and they have invited us to their get togethers and even during COVID they invited us to pickup lunches on July4th and Labor Day. They are so special. We love them. They are a shining clean place


Helen B.

My Aunt choose this place to live and I can tell you this after a year of experience. They have very skilled persons who are gifted in accommodating even the most difficult residents (my Aunt for instance) Marty, Christian and the staff truly love the residents. They can handle most any thing that a challenging resident can offer. They have the experience it takes to make a lovely home for those that we love. They go way out of their way to be sure everyone is safe and comfortable. This place is great! You can be confident that your family will receive the best of care.


Tonya L.

Pappy didn't want to go into The Windsor but we didn't know what else to do- he couldn't live alone and 6 weeks at our house proved that wasn't workable either. Less than 24 hours there he told me that he loves his new home & that everyone there is so good to him. Three days after moving in he told me, "The Windsor was wise." It means so much that we don't worry about him! He's getting the help he needs, and the personal space that he desires. So far, it's been great!


Stefanie R.

The local NAIFA chapter had our monthly meeting at The Windsor today, and I have to say they were more than accommodating! Not only were they very friendly and helpful, but I can also say without a doubt that Wendy is passionate about her work. Also, I have to mention that the food is absolutely amazing, kudos to the chef and his team! A very lovely facility, I would feel very secure if my loved ones were at The Windsor, and I would recommend to my clients and their families!


Beth A.

This was my first encounter with Windsor and I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the outstanding staff. The networking event had food prepared by the staff chef and the presentation was wonderderful and also delicious!


Elite E.

This is a premier facility and residence for seniors who are looking for the time of their lives! The staff, chef, and accommodations are nothing short of world class! Take a tour today.


Donald S.

The Windsor team is by far a special team. I have been referring my clients to them for years. I have never been dissappointed about referring anyone. The facility is clean, and the team is compassionate. If you are looking for a great place to call home. Give them a try!


Lisa P.

I recently placed my mother in Senior Living. From the moment I walked through the door I knew this was the place for my mom. The quality of service is EXCEPTIONAL!!!! My mom now has am amazing active lifestyle because of this community. It feels, looks, and smells like home. Thank you Wendy Dotson for your professional and sincere genuine guidance!!!


Ali W.

I have been to The Windsor several times to visit a dear friend. There is so much warmth and kindness from the staff. I've enjoyed the activities and my friend is so happy.


Janice D.

What a lovely facility! My parents have been there for almost a year, and they love it. Marty and all of her staff take excellent care of the residents. The rooms and common areas are clean and just beautiful. I can highly recommend this facility.



I find The Windsor of Ocala to be a fantastic place, and if there is anywhere I'd like him to go, it's Windsor. It is heavenly. They do their laundry separately, and they have delicious menus. They were having scallops for dinner that night. It was a beautiful and uplifting place (some places you walk in, not so much). I looked at a couple of places, but this is my favorite. The staff were supportive of everybody there, and they treated everybody with respect and dignity; respect and dignity go a long way. Besides that, it was clean and smelled fresh. Everything about that place was a "ten-plus."



Windsor of Ocala is a little expensive, but the follow-up with the staff, the feeling I got when I went in there, and the activities I saw were good. I looked at everyone and what I felt, as far as people walking around and interactions with the staff, were great. Where my friend is right now, I don't see a soul when I go in there, as far as staff, other than the front desk people. It's also very upscale, and the people there have been in constant contact with me. Just seeing people in the hallway, and the residents walking around, the interaction with the staff, these were the things I was really looked for. I saw that people were walking around and involved with activities. I was introduced to the staff, which is another concern of mine, because so many of these places are understaffed. I noticed how professional the staff was too. I didn't notice that everywhere, but I noticed it there. You could just tell the difference. They're professionally groomed, the whole residence gave a very professional feeling about it, and the staff was very professional. They were very clean. They had some kind of a spa there too, like a whirlpool tub; that's another thing I remember.



Windsor of Ocala was the best one that I found; it didn’t smell like old people or urine. It was kept nice and clean, and the residents seemed happy. I like the location as it is in the neighborhood. The grounds are nicely landscaped, it has a garden area in the middle, and it has a sun room. I would recommend the place.



The Windsor was lovely. It was clean, it smelled nice, the food was good, and the staff was fantastic. It is in the middle of downtown, so it is near to everything. It is supposed to be the best one in the area.



I would recommend the Windsor; its run very well and has very confident staff and friendly people. I believe it has a good reputation for health and welfare. It is very complimentary amenities for the type of clients that has to be there. The dining area is fine and has excellent food.



The Windsor was marvelous but too far for us to go. It’s a big assisted living and memory care place with good-sized rooms. They had a studio apartment or a one-bedroom with a living room area, and everything was included. The food was excellent, and you couldn’t ask for better staff. Everyone knew all of the residents’ names, which really surprised me because that’s a lot of people. The residents all seemed very happy and chatted with each other. It was just a very nice place. I did not see the memory care area, but the regular assisted living area was nice. They had rocking chairs out in the front and a lot of activities, and the staff plays along with the residents. They had book clubs and walking clubs and all kinds of things, so I was very impressed with them.



The Windsor of Ocala was lovely, and everybody seemed to be very happy. There were activities going on, the rooms were nice and big, and the meeting rooms where people gather were also very nice. It seemed like a really nice place. If I were to choose one, this would be my choice. There was someone playing the piano, and the residents were singing along. They would take you to the stores and movies. The staff was very nice, and the food was wonderful.



I am living at Windsor. It is very good. I am very impressed. The staff is very helpful to me in every way. They are courteous, and they really did a nice job in setting my apartment. I have a bedroom and a living room with a kitchenette. They have plenty of activities, more than I can use. The food is satisfactory. I like the floor design. It is very well decorated and very pleasant.



We really liked Windsor of Ocala, but our dad is really not ready yet. All of their residents seem very happy. The administration was very helpful, and there was a lot of interaction with the directors and the residents. We were in the dining hall as we had lunch there, and we saw a gentleman that they brought in that was playing on the keyboard right after lunch; everybody just loved it. We saw that they are signing for a social in the evening. The food was excellent; we talked to the dietitian, and they have special foods depending on what the residents need.



The staff was very outgoing, very enthusiastic, and very proud of their facility. They had many activities. I would say the rooms were just a little bigger. The dining room was very impressive, very nice. The Windsor was one of our favorites.



We visited quite a few facilities for Mom, and one of them was Windsor of Ocala. She liked that facility very much, but she isn’t ready for an assisted living. The staff were very friendly and nice. We had lunch there, and the food is very good.



What I liked most about The Windsor was the caring that I physically saw with the patients. I always see there's a nurse or somebody walking around, I never see the hallway empty and I'd been there at different times now. This is what impressed me the most and the hallways are very wide where you could put a chair going one way, the other chair is going the other way and there's room between the two. I go to their meetings once a month to share and it's open to the public and they very confidentially open up the patients. I get to see how the patients are treated and I have gotten to know some of the staff. They have enough staff. I've been to their affairs. There's a lady named Barbara who calls me up just to see how I'm doing. It's a very clean place, it's very active and they have a lot of activities for the patients. If I had a choice, I will put my husband in there.



The Windsor is beautiful and dining room as well. They had an outdoor atrium that was so comforting and so nice.



It's a full service facility. They were able to dispense medication. They have doctors who visits or they take them to the doctors that we requested. One of my parents needed care for dementia and Alzheimer's. I think they have the best care and service. Or rather the most comprehensive services I should say. Aside from the full service that they provide, I like the cleanliness of the facility. They had a lot of activities. They take them out for dinner on occasion. They take them out to go bowling. They really just do different things in the residence outside their facility as long as the residents are still able to do it physically. I think that the staff there were very friendly and professional. My parents got a large single room with a bathroom. Food is also provided for them there



The staff was really friendly to the patrons. The food was good. They served several courses and everything was fresh and delicious. The way they treated the residents was noticeably good. It seemed like everyone had family there and the ones that didn't they sat together and made sure they talked with them. It was a night that a lot of outside people were visiting, so it could just be because of the event. However, everyone had a positive attitude and although it was an assisted living facility, the environment was really good. Everyone had a smile on their face and they interacted with the residents in a friendly way. I was not able to see the rooms, nor did I get a tour of the facility. However, from what I saw it appeared to be very clean. The patients that needed extra care were given proper accommodations so that they were comfortable.


Rosemary J.

The most important issues for me was being able to bring my dog (Salie) and my car. Before the COVID-19 I was free to come and go on my own. The overall facility is really nice. The large front unit apartment was attractive to me. The services were great (although now limited because of COVID-19). I'm looking forward to having the salon and be able to have the building for shopping, etc.


Cynthia G

[name removed] is our Sales Director here at The Windsor of Ocala/Legend Senior Living. [name removed] is the ultimate professional and treats everyone with dignity and respect. In addition, she always finds the positive, has a sense of humor and shares a smile with all she meets. [name removed] is certainly a role model in these challenging times. Our residence is blessed to have [name removed].


Pamela N.

Everyone has shown great kindness to my stepmom and myself. This is a trying time for her at age 96 it is frustrating in the best of times, [name removed] has gone out of her way to make her feel at home from gift baskets to her favorite foods stocked in the refrigerator and cupboards.


Richard P.

We considered the many options available for my wife in this area and found your people to be of the highest quality. They have proven to be just great. I am joining with my wife.


LeeAnn T.

I have been dealing with [name removed] for almost 2 years, although her job title has changed during this time she continues to be someone that I can always reach out to ask questions about Windsor or mom and always get a cheerful quick response! Thank you!


Florence W.

An excellent choice for my mom. I have found them, especially at this time, not only caring for her welfare but now important delight in doing all they can do to ensure the health and wellness. The staff here been super.


Bernadette H.

This community, The Windsor of Ocala is truly lovely and clean. [name removed] is exceptionally alert and kind sales director. She is always beautifully presented in every way. Open to questions and very well informed about the services offered at the home "Windsor." She is also so aware of her co-workers and will always acknowledge them to introduce them while we are there and the role they have.


Elliot N.

What an amazing place. Every employee we met, from housekeeping to director, was a caring individual who worked hard to maintain a vibrant lifestyle for all the residents. We spoke o a number of residents who really loved the place.If and when my wife and I are ready to take advantage of everything they had to offer Windsor would absolutelybe our first choice.