Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with The Windsor of Cape Coral and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Deb W.

The Windsor of Cape Coral is an absolutely beautiful center, with an incredible staff. Gina, the Residence Director, and her entire staff took amazing care of our family in our time of need. The center feels more like a resort with fine dining and daily entertainment, than a retirement community. The care and kindness we have witnessed, is truly wonderful. Beautiful place, with beautiful people!


Diane M.

They have gone above and beyond during this time of Inclusion due to the virus . Judy used her own phone to call me to let me talk to my mom. Another staff took pictures and sent them to me. I truly appreciate what the did.



The Windsor of Cape Coral is a beautiful Assisted Loving facility. Every time I am in the building everyone is so happy and the staff are very professional. I would highly recommend coming in for a tour to see what I am talking about! You will absolutely love it!!


Kevin M.

Not too big, not too small, but just right to care for your loved ones. I have a 7 year experience with the Windsor of Cape Coral. My lady friend started there with mild dementia and Parkinson's disease. She was able to communicate and could take care of most of her hygiene and daily personal functions. What I liked about the Windsor was their "cafeteria" style care options. It allowed you to save some money if your loved one could function somewhat independently but allows you to ramp up care as needed till you reach the maximum of 2 staff members helping to move the resident and assisting in their daily care. What I really liked about the facility was the Living room and dining area. It was always lively and kept the residents engaged. I found the vast majority of their staff to be compassionate and caring people, they definitely KNOW their residents . My friend was never treated like a hospital patient. She did have some less than desirable interactions with some staff members, but I found management to be responsive to our concerns and corrected the situation immediately. The facility has the feel of a Marriott and the food is pretty good, I just wish the chef would cook for his audience, crispy and spicy didn't work out so well. They have the Reflections area which is a more care intensive lock down unit. It prevents patients from wandering out of the facility. My friend was able to reside here right up to the end with the help of Hospice care. Put me down as a very satisfied customer, I will recommend them to anyone looking for quality assisted living care for their loved one.


Scott S.

As a nurse who works with seniors I routinely see the care and attention the staff at the Windsor devote to their residents. They are definitely on my short list of facilities worth looking into for anyone considering assisted living and/or memory care.


Fawn W.

My many thanks to Windsor at Cape Coral for showing professional care, safety and comfort to my brother and family. Gina and nurse Kimberly are always willing to talk to family and assist us in every way possible. This place is clean and caring and the staff and residents are very kind and considerate. The Windsor team provides residents privacy, but also assistance as needed. The facility offers many opportunities throughout the day and evening for residents to get together and enjoy different activities and socials. We are appreciative of their care and concern and feel very fortunate and blessed to have found this place. I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a safe and caring place to live. Thank you Windsor team!!!


Denise H.

If you are looking for a caring, loving environment for your loved one I highly suggest to visit The Windsor in Cape Coral. If your looking for a well educated staff, lots of fun and events, and great food ask for a tour. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Laura S.

This place has been a blessing since day one! I had to move my mom from a different facility that wasn't what we thought it was. My mom has improved so much due to excellent care, that she moved from memory to assisted living. She has gotten very social, playing bingo where before she wanted to lay in bed. I love this place for my mom! Any time I have called with a question or request they are always accomadating and never once made me feel I was bothering them. Such a genuinely beautiful facility.


Connie G.

The Windsor of Cape Coral is a beautiful residence committed to helping seniors in SW Florida. The management, staff and activity director go out of their way to accommodate the needs of their residents, as well as their families. The memory care, Reflections is a wonderful asset to accommodate the residents that need a higher level of care due to dementia. I would recommend The Windsor of Cape Coral to anyone looking for quality care, loving relationships and a cozy home environment.


John D.

Absolutely love the staff there. They are always willing to help with such a gracious and loving attitude. It always makes me smile when I get pictures from them of my loved one enjoying some of the many activities always going on there. Can't say it enough that I am very thankful for them!


John Wiley

As a professional whose focus is on Senior Adults, I have found a very wonderful place that many of these Seniors can call home. The facility is beautiful and extremely well maintained. This provides a warm and comfortable environment to live in. I have met with several of the staff and found them to fully possess a caring heart. They are focused on providing the best services for all levels of care that the Windsor provides. The staff listens to the those who come to learn about their services. They listen and find ways to best meet the needs of their residents. I gladly tell the Senior Adults I work with that the Windsor is a must look as they search for their next home.


Judy C.

I couldn't be happier with The Windsor of Cape Coral. Gina and Greg basically took over for me when I was unable to. Long Distance caregiving is not easy and I could not possibly do it without them. Thank you guys.



The Windsor of Cape Coral Assisted Living was very nice. They even offered to come and pick me up, but I already had somebody to go there with me. I spoke to Chad because the lady that usually does this, Donna, wasn't there that day. Chad arranged to have lunch for me and my companion in his office before we took the tour, so we could talk over the facilities. The food that he gave us that day for lunch was excellent. It's a newer facility and the rooms were quite nice too. Even though it was an afternoon when most people lay down, I saw a bunch of women playing a steeplechase game. I was told there were several other activities that they do too. They showed me a calendar of their events, and they had activities every day. Donna, who was the lady I was originally meant to meet, actually came to the house last week with flowers for me. It was really extra nice. I would certainly consider them. The only downside was that I have a dog, and they really didn't have anywhere for me to walk my dog. They had a little courtyard though, but you wouldn't want the dog out there where people were sitting.


Dean B.

The Staff at this facility are first class, always very helpful the residents, conscientious about giving regular attention to the residents, and are sincerely concerned about the well being of the people in their care. During COVID-19 they did a green job of shutting down the risks of exposure to the virus. Pretty much every time I called and asked about my mother they would immediately go to her room and resolve the situation. The rooms are great for the needs of the assited living residents. They had floor plans available with a local furniture store to help select furniture to fit the room. They have a daily printout of at least 4-7 events or activities in which they can participate. Amenities are plenty - Nice lobby for entertainment and large TV. Large dining room and cafe for meals and coffee bar, courtyard, and front patio with rocking chairs. The health care section and nursing staff are very responsive to the needs of the residents. Front desk answers the phone promptly and communicates to the rest of the staff well.



We went to The Windsor of Cape Coral. We didn't have lunch, but we had dessert there, the sales director was very pleasant, and the food was very good. That was one place that was in contention for a while before they decided where they wanted to go. We saw the beauty salon, a lovely library, and nice areas where you could sit and visit with your loved one.



My mother is in assisted living at The Windsor of Cape Coral. They're very professional and caring. They seemed to understand what the senior citizens require, which is a great deal of dignity and respect, which we liked. The place itself was very clean, bright, and cheery. They seem to be focused on keeping their residents happy and safe.



My relative is now in The Windsor of Cape Coral. They are wonderful. Every person I have met there has been just wonderful. It's a great place. It's not one of the really big places and not one of the gigantic ones, but it's very nice. She has a beautiful apartment that's very, very spacious. The people are the best part of it. They have a dining room. They have meals, and they have all kinds of programs for them (if they choose to participate). It's very easy to figure out where the patient is and how to get to them. Every single person I've met there, the staff, and everybody has been very nice and very helpful. I've heard people playing the piano and sing-alongs. These are people who live there. They do all sorts of things like that. I think the value for the money is good, I think it's a fair price.





My loved one is very happy here. The care is wonderful here for the residents. The activities are available for the residents to choose from. The staff is very good about celebrating holidays and decorating for them as well. The staff checks on our loved one several times a day. The Windsor is like a big family, they even treat us like family. They knew our names from the beginning. The residence has been professional and caring for the residents during the pandemic. They communicate with us about how they are handling the pandemic and the reasons why. It is worth every penny we are paying for the care for our loved one.



Some of the activities they provided was bingo, arts and crafts, exercise classes. They had festivities such as ice cream day. The food was very good. My dad had a one bedroom apartment, which was very neat and clean, It had a microwave, sink, and fridge. Very comfortable. The staff was very helpful as well as informative. They never turned down a phone call. Would absolutely recommended this to a family or friend.


Bill B.

This residence is outstanding! When we reached out to A Place for Mom, they were very quick to respond with 5 residence recommendations and gave an outstanding overview of all five. We called in on Thursday and decided on The Windsor on that Saturday. Given our criteria and what we needed, The Windsor was immediately the place we knew we would choose. It is a medium sized assisted living with a genuine feeling of family in it. We have never come across anyone in the residence that wasn't friendly or helpful. They have been particularly effective and attentive as the Covid-19 pandemic has become prevalent. They have bent over backwards to keep the residents safe, while also making sure they are still receiving proper care and staying entertained. Everything is being delivered to resident rooms including mediation. Before the pandemic, they were always putting on events and made sure there was something going on for very holiday. A lot of residences we visited were cold and did not feel like home. The Windsor feels and looks warm and as soon as you walk in, it smells fresh. The food is very good. One of the first meals we experienced was Thanksgiving with the whole community. The chef we hear has had multiple awards and the food was outstanding. As far as an institutional meal, this was one of the best we have ever had. In spite of being on complete lock down because of the pandemic, my mother has said multiple times that there is no place she would rather be.


Joyce B.

The Windsor facility and staff are superb. It is clean, fun activities ate offered daily. And, many include invitations to family and friends. There is a strong sense of community. The whole staff, including the chef [name removed] and director of maintenance, [name removed] always joins in on the fun activities we truly enjoy our visit.


Curtice B.

We always like to check the schedule of events for the next day each evening because the love and fun that is injected into the every event by the life enrichment staff makes it too fun to miss! Everyone at the Windsor is quick to smile and laugh. It's a great environment for our loved one.


Kevin M.

I am a friend and care giver of a 7 year resident at the Windsor. My lady friend was able to call the Windsor home for 7 years because of the "cafeteria" style options for care available. She had mild dementia and Parkinson's disease at the start and was able to handle most of her daily activities herself. She could also communicate fairly well at the start as well. Through the 7 years she went from the most basic care, to a final care maximum option of 2 staff members helping move her every-time. The Windsor offers this step plan which keeps the expenses down a little when the resident is able to handle their personal hygiene and daily activities. The Reflections area is more assistance intensive and is a lock-down area to keep confused patients from wandering away from the facility. The Windsor had the feel of a Marriott and the food was pretty good, I just wish the chef realized what audience he was cooking for, crispy and spicey were not good choices. The staff truly CARES for the residents., While there were a few less than desirable incidents and staff interactions, I found the management to be available to hear concerns and addressed them immediately. The Living rooms and dining rooms are what made the Windsor special. It was lively and the residents seemed actively engaged in conversation and activities. I never felt my friend was treated as a hospital patient. I was able to keep her at the facility with Hospice care right till the end. In conclusion , I feel I made an excellent choice in choosing the Windsor. It was large enough to have decent food and activities but no so large that my friend became lost in the facility. Trust me , the staff KNOWS their residents. I found them to be by and large a compassionate and caring group. Put me down as a very satisfied customer!


Paster Karen M.

The Windsor of Cape Coral has an OUTSTANDING staff. The atmosphere is filled with joy, peace, laughter, smiles and happiness. The staff is endearing to the residents and you can "FEEL THE LOVE" they have for each other and their residents. The Windsor is like going back in time to when families were families sitting on the porch and sharing food, fellowship and life together. Its like taking a trip back to the Walton's where life was easy and relaxed. Whether you are a visitor or a friend come and experience the quality of how life can truly be when love is in the air. There is a reason that the WINDSOR was voted Cape Coral's BEST!