Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with The Regent and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Justin B.

My father moved in to the Regent just a couple of months ago and most amazing part has been the staff. They have been absolutely wonderful. None more so than Kylie - the resident ‘tech help’. My father’s phone began acting up shortly after he moved in. A true nightmare when your loved one lives 1,500 miles away. A month of research and even a trip to the Verizon Store accomplished nothing. But one visit from Kylie and she spotted the problem and had it fixed in no time. That saved us the money and headache of buying a new phone and setting it up. She’s now my hero.


Will D.

My mother moved into an apartment at The Regent when maintaining her own home became too much responsibility. We were thoroughly impressed with the facility, the staff and programming. It's like a nice hotel; from the décor to the dining to the professionalism of all the employees. Clearly, a resident's satisfaction, safety and well-being are top priorities with The Regent. I would recommend this place to anyone.


Josh B.

I have visited the Regent and it is even better than advertised! Rose always says, "Kick back, relax and live life to the max at the Regent" well she isn't kidding. You have to see the theatre room with nice comfy couches, incredible. Not only would I feel comfortable having my parents there, I can't wait to reitre there.



My father is at The Regent. It's very nice. They have a lot of activities and a lot of stimulation for their brain. There all kinds of classes, pre-Covid, that they can take and learn things about like geography or certain countries, there are art classes, they can Wii bowl or play pool, and all kinds of fun stuff. With Covid, we could not dine with him.



The Regent was a nice home and very pleasant. Everybody there treated me nicely, I ate lunch there, and they had very good food. The rooms were nice, they had exercise, movies, and a bar area. Everything you could want was there, even a valet. It was excellent.



My grandmother is thriving at The Regent. There's a lot of energy in the place, she's encouraged to be independent and the staff is putting things in place to allow her to be more independent. They try to be as accommodating as they can without crossing the barrier of independence. They have access to home health at the 3rd floor, which is where the home health office is. It's totally separate from The Regent. You can make arrangements, even if there's a slight need for assistance, it's right there. The staff at this residence is wonderful.



The Regent was very nice. It had everything anybody would want except that their price was too prohibiting for me to move in there. The person during the tour was very knowledgeable, very friendly, and very nice. We went back for the second time and she showed us some other rooms. For some reason, when we inquired back, she was no longer there. The dining room was clean. It had tablecloths, which was very nice, and the food looked very good. The facility was clean.


Huron B

I am the son of a very alert senior li ing at The Regent since July of 2012. My mother's needs have changed over the mast five years. Having observed the responses to my mother, I have come to realize the staff and residents of The Regent personify the definition of true community. I am pleased with the quality of dinning, engaging activities, stress free medical management, and overall cleanliness and maintenance. I would be very hard pressed to find a better place for my mother to live. What's an awesome community!

Denise M.

I think this is a great residence to live. I also think that the staff works hard to keep this residence a safe one to be in. They do a real great job and are doing all they can to help out where everyone is in need and are very caring to everyone and very kind and loving when needed and do their best to keep out when needed for certain jobs they can help out with.


Mildred A.

I moved in March 2019. Wish I had moved to the Regent March 2018.


Doris K.

I have lived here for years in November this year. I enjoy my comfortable apartment and not having to cook or clean and many activities: Bible studies, crafts, painting, walking, Bingo, prayer team, piano playing, etc. A big plus = feeling of safety during this pandemic. Thanks.


Wayne H.

I am 3 months residing here and still very impressed. Facility outstanding and very well-managed. Residents are well informed. I am 96 and feel well taken care of.



It is a great option. I did have a friend that moved there mom to Regent based on my recommendation. The food is really good. The room sizes and layout of the residence are nice. They do have outdoor space for the residents. The staff is very friendly.


Leslie L.

Our mother lived at The Regent for three years. We can’t say enough good about the staff, the facilities, the activities available, and the medical group caring for the residents. I would highly recommend The Regent to anyone looking for a quality facility for family members and friends. It is truly a place where the staff treats their residents and their family members as family.


Carolyn C.

The Regent is a first class facility. Since the day our parents moved in, we have always felt like the staff treated them as their own family. Every staff member goes above and beyond the job description to make sure residents are well cared for. There are lots of activities available for residents to choose from and the overall tone is friendly and welcoming.



The staff at The Regent (2050 N. Webb Road, Wichita, KS) is exceptional. The fact that most of the administration has worked there for several years speaks well for this smoothly running operation. Each staff member is visible--making a point of walking through the dining room, being available to families and residents, or lending a hand if needed. Activities can fill as many hours of the day as you wish. From exercise to intellectual stimulation to movies every night, the opportunities seem plentiful. For care services: although home health assistance can be hired, there is not an assisted living or nursing facility on site. Arrangements are made for placement at a co-owned facility, when needed. Value: Although expensive, The Regent offers consistently interesting and varied meals, security, entertainment and security in a very well maintained, elegant but friendly environment.



I'm so impressed with The Regent that I wrote a letter to the CEO of the company. It's been such a wonderful experience. Their motto is "We will treat your parents as if they are our own," and they definitely follow through with this. I was very impressed with the wonderful welcome from the staff. They made sure to answer any questions we had in a timely matter. As a team, The Regent made my parents feel very welcome. It was a smooth transition, and I'm very satisfied with their services.