Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Rivermont Independent Living and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Patricia M.

I enjoy living at Rivermont Independent Living Center. They work hard to keep us involved and happy. We go shopping, eat out and visit different places like Museums, etc. We enjoy party's for Birthdays once a month. The apartments are roomy and comfortable. Come join us and have fun.


Bill S.

My father has resided at Rivermont for two years. Health and care requirement have necessitated relocation to Assisted Living. Rita and her staff have been excellent over the last 2 years. The residents are their main priority. The staff treats residence like each are very special people. I can’t say enough about Rivermont Retirement Community. Rivermont was the right choice for my dad and we are happy to give them 5 stars.


Alan H.

So grateful for the fantastic work done by the Rivermont Independent living staff to protect 100% of their residents from the covid-19 pandemic. They acted early and they acted consistently and with an intelligent well enforced system. It doesn't make everyone completely happy but it is certainly !them 100% healthy! Thank you!!?


Rebekah V.

It’s always a pleasure to work with Rita and the wonderful Rivermont staff. They truly love and take care of each and every resident so well!


Toni B.

The director Rita is wonderful and helps everyone who has any needs. The facility treats the residents with caring attitude and high quality care. I come out to facility to give the residents health in services. The faculty really promotes residents education and health. Great place.


Joe P.

Rivermont Independant Living is a great place to call home! The director Rita Myers truly loves each and every resident and treats them like family! If you’re looking for a new place to call home I highly recommend Rivermont Independent Living!


Chris S.

I have seen first hand the care the staff has for each individual. Every time I walk in this place I am greeted from Kete at the front desk with a hearty hello, when I make my way throughout the community, I am greeted by a warm hug from the staff. Rita is especially welcoming! Every time I see Kyndle making her way through the halls, she meets EVERY resident with their name and a hug, I don’t know how she keeps track of all of the residents! Meagan is especially helpful, I see her organizing activities and having fun right along with the residents! This place seems to be doing it right! Great job!


Glen S.

Moved my mother in last week. I’ve toured many residences and this one felt right! The people are so warm and friendly and there is good energy in all the common areas. Seems like a great fit.


Robert S.

My Grandmother has recently made residents here and as such I have traveled to see her at a righteous age of 96! I have eaten visited and enjoyed every minute of the place! Food is excellent and so is the positivity that surrounds the other habitats and guests alike! 5 stars.


I toured Rivermont Independent Living in person. It was really good, and the people there were really nice. It was clean, and I loved it. I thought the apartments were beautiful, they were certainly spacious, clean, and I thought they had plenty of room. I was impressed, they had a big closet, and a big kitchen. The staff was very, very kind, very nice, and very polite. I thought it was friendly, welcoming, and they seemed to have a lot of activities for the people, which I thought was good. They had some that were just for them, and some where they invited the family, like they have a Thanksgiving dinner that the family can come to. The facility was older, like the decorations are a little older; it certainly wasn't remodelled, it was aesthetically fine, but it certainly wasn't brand new.



Rivermont Retirement is really nice. The food is good and they have plenty of activities and outings. So far I like and enjoy it. They have bingo, cards, dominos, and we go out to women's or men's luncheon. We also go out for supper somewhere nice. We went to Pauls Valley which is 40 miles away, and we went to a music show and went out to eat. So there's plenty to do. My apartment is very roomy and spacious. I just have a one-bedroom, but it's big enough for my king-sized bed, dresser, a desk and chest of drawers. A full-bedroom suite will easily fit in it. Their studios are a little bit smaller, and they also have two-bedrooms available. They have a salon and a little workout room with a treadmill and a couple of stationary bikes. They don't have a pool, but we can go over to The University of Oklahoma, and they have a pool that we can use. The University of Oklahoma is really close so you can go to all kinds of their sporting events if you want to, which is one nice thing about it. We've had a couple of people come in to sing, and one gentleman comes in to play stuff on his trumpet and clarinet. We have musical kind of guests that come in, like we had a singer the other night that came and sang to us. Everybody on the staff is really nice. There's no microwave in my apartment, so you have to buy your own microwave. But I have a galley kitchen with lots of storage.



Rivermont Retirement Community was a very nice place, very clean, very pretty, it's got nice furnishing, and the people were nice. They had all kinds of activities, they fix your meals, and they do the laundry. They're just very expensive. The staff was very nice, very friendly and very helpful. You have your own apartment and you take care of yourself. It's wonderful and everything about it was nice.



Rivermont Retirement Community is a perfect facility. The rooms were just what I needed since they're just the right size. The person who gave me the tour was really good and the people at the front desk were great. I have gone to a lot of seminars there and everyone has been very nice. The food was really good and the whole facility was very open. They have activities all the time.



We loved Rivermont. It was great, but my father didn’t like it. The staff was great, very respectful, and tried to help us with all the questions we had. We didn’t have any problems with them.



We like Rivermont at the Trails because of the people, the way it is laid out, the food, the laundry services, the rooms, and the activities that they offer. It has a light, upbeat, and less depressing atmosphere and felt more like an upscale hotel. The staff is wonderful, very helpful, and very nice. Everybody was upbeat, which shows that they wanted to be there. Mom wished she had moved in here sooner. The residents are in her age bracket, and she has been very busy since she moved in. We had not even finished signing her registration, and she had already made two friends that morning.



My Mother needed a comfortable home, where she would feel safe and happy and one that she would grow with the knowledge that she was in a good place in her life. We chose Rivermont Retirement Community. We were amazed with the spacious living and cafe area. The natural light streaming down gave light and beauty to the rooms which created a feeling of joy. My mother has lived at Rivermont for two years. She has had a wonderful experience making new friends, has participated in activities, dinned with friends, enjoyed fantastic cuisine, listened to musicians, and amazed by the artists and writers. There are so many celebrations at Rivermont to enjoy. My mother felt comfortable in her apartment that she has decorated with her favorite furniture and pictures of our family. She has met authors and so many interesting people while living at Rivermont. The staff and volunteers are fantastic professionals. They are always kind and caring. Rivermont's gift is a beautiful home with loving residents that share their life with joy. I am so happy and thankful that we chose Rivermont.



I would tell others that my loved one loves it here. This isn't for everybody, but worth looking into the residence for your loved one. They make sure a staff member checks on my loved one. The staff address any concerns we may have such as maintenance. They have been strict about keeping the residents safe during the pandemic. I really like this about the community.


Lora A.

We have been very pleased with Rivermont Independent Living. We chose this facility because I was looking during the pandemic to move my parents to a secure place that could tend to their needs. Their protocols here for covid visitation and end of life situations were to me a mixture of being extremely safe but also taking into consideration that if it came down to end of life, our family would be able to go through that with them. They also still provide plenty of activities so that the residents can keep busy. The staff members from the top down have been extremely kind and helpful. I would highly recommend them.


Judith S.

I love living in my retirement community. I don't have to cook and clean (they do it for me) and I am able to participate and lots of fun activities. The staff and residents here are like my family. I thank God every day that I am here!


Patricia F.

I have lived here 3 3/4 years and have enjoyed it very much I have 2 sons that live fairly close and I enjoy that part of it. They located this retirement home and I did not know it would have entertainment as well and food. It is very good. I have made many friends here now and it is my home.


Dolores O.

Good place to live! Those in charge are friendly. Great accommodations.


Don B.

I really like being here. Love the camaraderie. Fabulous housekeeping. It feels like home. I should have come sooner.


Andy H.

I love everything! I've been here over 3 years and I can't find anything to complain about... and that's against my nature! Everyone is just wonderful and it's been so good for me. I'm glad I'm here.


Claudette H.

A very nice place to live where the employees truly care for the resident. We feel safe and comfortable here. The activities are very enjoyable. It is always kept very clean. The housekeepers are hardworking and friendly.


Vallie W.

It's great! I like that there's others looking out for me. The friendliness, all workers are so kind. I really feel safe and like I'm taken care of.


Charlotte R.

The staff members at this residence are very friendly, and it is kept pretty clean. This residence looked very homey when you walked it, it was clean, quaint and it was very open. Everyone was just super friendly.