Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Park West Plaza and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Ed D.

This is an unsolicited review. My mother has been a resident at Park West Plaza for just over seven years. She initially moved there after rehab from a vertebrae compression fracture and she was no longer able to live fully independently at home. From the beginning and throughout her stay, Park West Plaza has been the right place for her to live and receive care. I live out of state so I am not able to see her as often as I would like. It has always been a comfort to me to know that the staff, across all departments have always been caring, compassionate and competent. When I am there, I consistently observe staff interacting this way not only with my mother but with all of the residents in all of their interactions. In recent months as my mother’s health has been declining, they have been proactive in reaching out to me to with updates, questions and concerns and to collaborate regarding care decisions, while honoring mom’s desire and ability to make independent decisions. Recently, hospice services were recommended and started promptly. Park West Plaza and the Good Shepherd hospice team clearly have a very strong and positive working relationship and are providing excellent care for mom as her aging body is slowing down. Yesterday I was part of a care team meeting with Park West Plaza staff including the Director, Assistant Director, Director of Nursing, and the hospice team. As a professional in the mental/behavioral health field I have been in countless team meetings over the years, always as a provider and always focused on making the meetings client/patient centered. Yesterday was the first time I participated in a full team meeting as a family member of the resident. I was so grateful and impressed as I experienced the staff rallying around mom to identify and implement strategies and supports to assist her as she continues to experiences losses of functioning and independence. This was evident even by calls and coordination occurring between administration and maintenance staff during the meeting to facility immediate action, even though it wasn’t a crisis situation. Later, the director stopped by my mom’s room to see how she was doing. I don’t know how much longer mom will be in care at PWP, but I am assured that she will receive loving and professional care to the very end. I will always be grateful for the wonderful care mom has received, and continues to receive at Park West Plaza.


Karen W.

What a blessing Park West has been for my dad after the loss of mom! They feel like family! Good food, clean facility, compassionate care! Answered prayers!


Denise C.

Nice place can go from Independent Living all the way up.


Robert M.

I enjoyed my stay here. I will definitely come back if needed in the future. Everyone made me feel really welcome. They are friendly and always speak to me and they always addressed me by my name.


Mark N.

Searching for assisted living for a parent is a very stressful time for the whole family. Park West went above and beyond our expectations. On Thursday evening, 5/9/19, my father was discharged from the hospital late in the afternoon with doctor’s orders to receive rehab. We thought we had a place lined up for dad to go to but the hospital’s case manager came in to visit with us a little later and explained that dad’s insurance would not approve the skilled nursing facility we had selected. We called Park West and explained our issue. At Park West they worked out an arrangement for dad to stay 1 night in the model room that is used for showing prospective customers. The kind folks at Park West went to the store and even bought new sheets for the bed in model room. We moved dad’s possessions to his new room the following day and got him settled into assisted living. Providence home health care will come to dad’s room at Park West to provide therapy. Dad said the food is good and everyone has been real nice to him so far. Special thanks to Misty and Heather for going above and beyond excellent customer service!!


Pat A.

My m-i-l moved to Park West a month ago and she really loves it and it was a good choice she made to live here. We enjoy visiting her and the residence there.


Justin K.

If you want luxury on the West side, this is your place: good food, lots of fun activities, classy Italian decor, friendly people.


Parkwest has been a blessing to our family. We found out about Parkwest thru "A place for mom". Misty was awesome! She went above and beyond to help us. Heather, and all the other staff have been great. Good food, clean facility, compassionate care! Thanks so much!!



Park West Plaza had really impeccable grounds; there's a really pretty pond and a walking trail all the way around it. It's coveniently located close to the grocery store and Walgreens, but it was much more expensive than the other residence we saw, that's why we didn't choose them. The rooms were very nice and spacious, and the surroundings are was very scenic. I don't believe that the pricing already includes the phone line, so you'd have to pay for that separately. It was just a beautiful setting. I can't over state that enough.



When I got to Park West Plaza, I was greeted by the person in charge of showing people around and letting them know what's available. I got a booklet to work with, so that I could actually show and have my mom-in-law read what was going on. They had an empty room that I could look at, and it had a nice big front room and kitchen. The access from the bedroom to the bathroom was very convenient and easy. The doors were wide, so if someone's in a wheelchair, it would work out really well for them. The convenience and the way it's setup was beautiful. They had cottages and they're mostly 2-room cottages. There's a master room and a small room, and they're about 600 square feet. They also come with a washer and a dryer, so that was nice. I like the layout. It's easy and convenient to get around for anybody. The amenities were included, utilities and cable, too. They had outside activities to participate in, like games. They had a dining room that independents could go in if they don't want to cook. Tom was very nice and conveniently answered my questions. The structure was a bit older, but it was clean and nice. It's just like any other place. The room was plain, not decorated, and empty, so if you put someone's personality in there, then it's better.



I live in the independent section of Park West Plaza, but it does have three sections. My children wanted some place where if I should have to move, it would just be a matter of going across the driveway. I also like the amenities that they have. They have a lot of classes and programs, a big screen TV, there are lots of things to do, plus they have the opportunity for meal plans. In independent living, we are pretty much on our own. We might have a cookout, which the other part of the facility doesn't have. You get to know each other really well because there are only 16 of us that are in the independent living section. You can ask for certain food to be cooked. Each unit has its own washer and dryer, and bathtubs with showers. It's not a walk-in tub, but it's a low-edged tub. We have a full-sized kitchen and a walk-in closet in one room and a regular closet in the other. If the weather is bad, they bring us our food, so we don't have to go to the clubhouse to eat. We can also call in and they will bring us our food. We have a certified chef. The staff is very good. They call people by their names and they're very solicitous to us. The activities I've been to have been great.



I am currently a resident of Park West Plaza. I like it because it's like a complex with our dining room at the center and a building for other residents to live. I would recommend this community. They offer so many activities, but I don’t go to all of them. We have bingo once a week, plus a beautiful walking area with a pond. That's what makes this place so attractive.



I had an excellent tour of Park West Plaza. The people were very helpful, and they allowed me to spend as much time as I wanted looking around the place. It's a good quality place but less expensive than the other place I visited. The staff was very friendly and took a lot of time explaining things for me and helping me understand everything. I saw a 1-bedroom unit, and it was nicely located off the patio. The residents seemed to be very happy.



Our experience at Park West Plaza was very good. The purpose for putting her there was she has advanced dementia, and she doesn't feed herself. She's incontinent, and they gave all those services as well as hospice. The dining area is very good and nice, and the food is very nice.



My parents can stay at Park West Plaza as they decline without having to move them again. The staff is very helpful, and very informative. The facility is nice. The rooms are roomy. I was trying to find something not looking like a nursing home. My parents are in the senior living; they’re just in an apartment.


Sara M.

When i was able to the Parkwest residence it was kept very clean, and the staff members seem to be very friendly. When they did have activities prior to COVID, they have movies and popcorn and an ice cream cart.


Pat D.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the extensive visit I recently had with your staff, specifically [names removed] (I believe). My mother-in-law,[name removed] is in the Manor and my window visits were just what the doctor ordered for her and for me. Living in Texas can be quite unnerving for my husband and I, however your friendly and caring staff answered all my questions thoroughly. Via phone calls, we strongly encourage Mom to partake in activities to socialize and to also take advantage of the sunny patio when weather permits. It's quite an adjustment for such an independent woman. [name removed] is simply amazing! He has been patient with me regarding the Covid rules, washing items down, etc and enabling the window visits and phone calls without hesitation. You are so blessed to have such a caring member greeting loved ones initially when entering your facility. He definitely puts us at ease. After my visit and seeing all the life enriching activities that Park West has to offer, I am confident Mom is well cared for and safe. Thank you so much for your love and concern for her!



I've lived here for a short stay for physical therapy and really enjoyed it. The staff is always kind and they give great care. After selling my house I moved back and was glad to see that it hadn't changed. I have a few friends that live here as well.



In the short time I've been here, it has been wonderful. The people that I've met here are very helpful and the staff is so patient. There are nice areas to get out and walk when the weather is nice.



It's fantastic! Each person is an individual and Park West acknowledges that. I like everything about Park West Plaza.



In general- pretty good. The care and concern from staff. Park West is good at the protection of residents during covid. I'm thankful for no outbreaks of the virus in AL. I enjoy the activities. Staff also does a great job. I plan on staying at Park West.


Pat W.

My Mom recently moved into a senior living apartment at Park West. From the very first inquiry, the people at Park West have shown compassion, respect, concern, attention to requests, professionalism, and a positive and uplifting attitude in all areas. Her apartment is beautiful and the other residents are friendly. The food has been amazing and dining has been fun. After the first day, Mom felt like a part of the community. The landscaping is beautiful, Mom is very happy with her new place...and so are we! Our hat's are off to the great folks at Park West.


Karen P.

We moved Mom from AZ to Wichita KS. She had been in a memory unit in AZ. She is 93 and had lived in AZ for 40 years. All her friends had either died or were quite ill so we found it necessary to move her where family could watch over her, visit and be near now and when end times should occur. Needless to say the move was challenging for Mom but through it all Park West was there with their superior staff and services. The nurse practitioner servicing Mom set us up with Amedisys Hospice. This service has been a tremendous support to Mom and to us. We are deeply thankful to Park West and Amedisys for their support on this challenging journey.


Wende D.

My Mother-in-law was in the Reflection House (Memory Care) at Parkwest for her last 2 years. It was a great experience for all of us. My Father-in-law could go and visit her, she was in a small homelike environment and the staff is top notch. Rosemary and Kathy have been staffing the Reflection House for several years and they are wonderful. We needed a place for my husband's uncle as his health deteriorated. He is now in the Reflection House too. The house is clean, the staff is friendly and the rates are reasonable. We would highly recommend the Reflection House at Parkwest!


Sheryl B.

So far I think she's very happy. She's gone through a lot of changes, losing her husband and everything, but she seems to be happy there. They all seemed pricey but I think they're fair in not upper her charge quickly. She's kind of a recluse but I think they've done a great job of trying to get her out of her room. I think that's as well as they could do for her. They do have activities for family members to come and I think they communicate really well with what's going on.