**UPDATED: 3/15/2020 5:00 PM**

I know everyone is greatly concerned for our families and friends during this unprecedented time for our country and the world. Nothing is more on our minds and hearts right now. I want you to know we at Legend are committed to working toward the best possible outcome for all.

Our leaders have been in the senior care profession for over 30 years and have vast experience in serving seniors. We at Legend have served seniors through tornados, hurricanes, floods, and other viral outbreaks over many years. Legend’s ability to respond and follow through has benefited residents, Associates, and families. We are acting proactively and with the best guidance and resources available.

Nothing compares to the nationwide battle against Covid-19.

Legend Senior Living is continuing to closely follow the changing developments related to Covid-19 outbreak. We have a home office command and response team of professionals working every day to monitor the latest information comimg from our State and local Health Departments as well as the CDC. We have updated our protocols and practices daily as conditions change in the locals we serve across six states. We are working diligently to stay current on the continual updating of advisories and directives as situations rapidly evolve. We continue to make preparations for increasingly intensity of the outbreak.

There are thousands of dedicated health professionals working around the clock in agencies across the country and provide the very best information such as frequent handwashing, cleaning of high-touch surfaces, and other recommended hygiene measures.

We have been implementing increasingly more stringent controls over entry to our buildings as the outbreak has unfolded. Last week in continued concern for Residents and Associates we implemented our most strict access limitations to date.

Access limitations in place today (subject to change at any minute):

Only the following persons are allowed entry subject to screening:

  • Essential healthcare workers
  • Essential vendors and contractors scheduled for essential deliveries and work
  • Legend Employees


  • Have a temperature above 99.9
  • Showing signs of breathing difficulty or a cough
  • Have been in close contact with a person testing positive for Covid-19
  • Have traveled internationally or been on a cruise in past 14 days.
  • Under the age of 18
  • Are unwilling to sign the Entry Log and abide by the Protocols for Entry

All visitors must have their temperature taken by a member of our staff. Persons with a temperature reading of 99.9 or higher will be required to leave. For confirmation, we may take your temperature more than once. Our temperature readings are final. Anyone observed coughing or sneezing without covering their face will be required to leave.

We understand the measures may have seemed extreme and sudden at the outset. We appreciate the overwhelming understanding and continued cooperation despite the inconvenience this causes. We fully appreciate and greatly respect family’s role in their parents and loved one’s lives. Not being able to visit puts a strain on families and mostly on Residents who enjoy and look forward to family visits.

Residents well being is our greatest mission and why we exist as a company. Their emotional countenance plays a big part. We have rebuilt our activity schedules to fill the vacancies suddenly created by not allowing outside volunteers and entertainment to come in. This a continual process to create as enriching experience as possible given the restriction on family and visitors. We are training more of our managers and staff on the use of Facetime and Skype. We are taking steps ensuring that adequate equipment is in place for this. We desire to engage family electronically as much as possible individually. In many locations, we are building the ability for “live” stream entertainment as substitute for in person entertainers.

Finally, we are keeping families informed through increased communications and have ensured all residents have at least one family or responsible party e-mail address. Each residence is also e-mailing families locally to keep them informed of Life Enrichment, Dining and other internal activities.

It has been rewarding to receive offers from families to provide items and support for our activities. Cards of encouragement to residents are meaningful. If you are interested please call the building ahead of time. Helping encourage the workforce would mean a lot to them through cards and messages. The associates and managers have their own families and personal lives they are to some extent putting on hold working extra hard and extended hours serving. Join us in encouraging and honoring them. As you can imagine we do have limitations and guidelines around what comes in during this time.

We all can help during this time. Serving your residence through better infection precautions, limiting contact, good choices regarding gatherings to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. Please follow your residence guidance and precautions as well as those from the CDC. Take care of yourself and frequently monitor your condition. I wish you and your family the absolute best of health.

For Legend residents and families, thank you so much for your trust in us and allowing us to serve you. It is a privilege. There is a great workforce of dedicated people who are enriched by serving others. We have some of the best working at Legend. These difficult times strengthens our resolve to serve.


Tim Buchanan

President and CEO


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