Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Legend of Mansfield and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Cathy J.

Staff is incredible, knowledgeable and caring! Residence care is exceptional! Very clean facility, everyone is so friendly! Would highly recommend for any loved ones!


Dawn B.

Thank you, Legend Of Mansfield Staff, for the outstanding care and love that you continue to give to residents and family members during these tragic Covid times. While so many care homes are facing heartbreaking and massive outbreaks, Legend Staff works diligently to not only keep their facility clean and disease-free, but do all that is possible to keep our dear ones safe, healthy, cared for and entertained. Complete and continued transparency in regards to keeping family members updated on resident situations help to alleviate some of the stress and sadness we all feel due to being separated from our loved ones. Legend Of Mansfield Staff, thank you for all you do, and know that each of you are in our prayers.



Moved my Mother in early July...nothing but wonderful in every aspect. Management made the move in seamless, crew is very friendly; truly friendly and caring, food is just great, movie theater is so unique and social, just cant say enough good about Legend Mansfield, Rebecca, Freda and the entire crew and facility.



The staff at Legend is friendly, helpful and inviting. They treat the residents like family. Mom loves the activities director and the many ideas she has as well as her openness for suggestions. The director, nurse, receptionists and caregivers are organized, available and seem to truly care about my mom. I have nothing but good things to say about the staff, the facility and the general atmosphere.



Our favorite was Legend of Mansfield. It's a lovely community. The people there were very friendly. Lots of residents kept their doors open, so there was a sense of being at home and of sharing and community. Their facilities were lovely and their dining experience was probably better than most of the places that we visited. I visited with the head chef there, which was an unusual thing to get to do, and read menus. I think there was just a lot more attention paid to the dining experience, which I know from experience is extremely important to seniors because they don't have anything else but that, and bingo. The rooms were nice to me, it had a very good ratio of caregivers to residents, I liked the attitude of all the people that I met, and I also had some good recommendations from a physical therapist who works there and at other senior care homes. She recommended that particular one, and she was right. It was my favorite. We looked at an apartment, it was more than a studio, there was a separate bedroom and a separate sitting area. They're small, but nicely appointed, and looked like home. I was even shown a resident's apartment furnished. Somebody was quite anxious for me to see her apartment and all her furniture. So I went in and looked at how much furniture you can get into the apartment. That kind of friendliness pervaded the property and made an impression on me. It was a good layout, but the hallways were very, very long, and I was thinking about people on walkers and in wheelchairs trying to get to the dining room or the movie theater or I'm not sure how they could have fixed that without going to two floors. It was just maybe a little big for someone in my particular loved one's condition.



My mother moved in to Legend of Mansfield, and she loves it. She is on 7-day quarantine right now so she is not able to enjoy it, as far as taking advantage of what they offer. So far she loves the facility and the people that are coming in and out to take care of her during this time. She really had nothing but good stuff to say. The staff is super friendly. They have activities like a movie every day because they have a movie theater, and they do chair volleyball. It is not the cheapest place, but from everything I heard from her so far (and from other residents), the level of care is best. Out of the four places we saw, Lengend of Mansfield is the only one we saw where the room had a door that opens into the courtyard, and that was huge for us.



Legend of Mansfield was our top favorite. Everything looked perfect and it was brand new, but it's way too expensive and they were not open yet when we visited. The salesperson was very knowledgeable, very friendly, and very helpful. They have an activity room with a lot of things for the people to do. The rooms were beautiful. They have private rooms, which were very nice and good sized, but we couldn't afford it. The one that they're going to put my dad in is a semi-private room. He would have his own little room, but the door would be open and he would have to share a bathroom with somebody else.


Dale S.

It's head and shoulders about all the others in this area. I would recommend this residence to others.



We chose Legend of Mansfield in the beginning because of the location and the feel that we got when we toured. The room sizes here are very nice and spacious. Int he beginning the food was really good, the chef ended up getting deployed so it did go downhill, but it is still good. I would recommend the residence to others.


Jerry and Carolyn P.

Caregiver is the title given to people who work here at Legend of Mansfield. Caregiver comes from two powerful words. Care is the first one which means to help those who cannot help themselves. Giver describes persons whose heart are moved by the hardships and challenges of others. Our caregivers here at Legends enrich our lives and make each day a new experience of joy and hope.


Virginia and Robbie G.

Legend is a very clean and homelike environment. The people are very caring and they are always available when needed. [names removed] are awesome staff. They make us feel comfortable where we can come to them for anything.