Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Legend of Allentown and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:


Tracy M.

My father has been a resident at Legend for the past several months and we couldn’t be happier with his care. The facility is state of the art (heads and shoulders above other facilities I visited) and the staff is extremely caring and compassionate. Even in these trying times, all the staff has stepped up to make sure residents needs are met. Just after a couple of weeks of living there, my father referred to Legend as home. I visit almost everyday and have gotten to know a lot of the residents and staff. There are days I wish I could move in…LOL


Marna G.

My mother resides at Legend. They take such nice and individual attention to their residents. As an example, my mom had not seen her grandson since before Covid. He was to come in last night for a birthday dinner and got stuck in NYC traffic, not making into town until late last night which was a disappointment to my 85 year old mom who had really looked forward to it. Everyone was so helpful at Legend today to pivot to make it possible for our family to eat (safely) together over lunch and still celebrate--Carrie is such a delight in service in the dining room--there are too many wonderful people to name. What a great team of care providers. Would recommend to anyone. Safe and skilled.


Mike T.

Glad Mom is here, she is one of the first to move in. Safe environment, lots of activities, she is proud of her room, and staff many times asked if she minds if they show her room to future residents. Still could use a better selection of meals, but they came a long way since opening.


Michelle Q.

I have a family member in Personal Care and now one in Memory Care. I can't say enough wonderful things about the department heads and the staff. They all really care and love these residents. The residents all care about each other just like a family. I made the perfect choice in Legend of Allentown. If I could change one thing it would be the dining menu. To much of the same food. More variety especially vegetarian options for my Memory Care Resident. I think if the family requests a specific thing such as grilled cheese they should be able to have it no questions asked. The dining is my only complaint. I am confident that they will rectify this problem as I have recommended several other residents who have moved in. I love the amount of activities they provide. There is something for everyone. They can do everything or nothing. It keeps them engaged and socially active. Keep up the good work!



My father is a new resident, and the staff has warmly welcomed him with respect and care and recognized him as a vibrant, lively senior.



Legend of Allentown is a very upscale facility. There is a lot of attention to detail and a lot of architectural details to make the entrance to each resident's room looks like the front door of a house (like carpets with very intricate designs, lots of attention to detail with things like the width of the aisles that would allow people in wheelchairs to pass each other). When you get into the room, the light switches on the walls are at the same level as the doorknob; so residents would only need to move their hand to the side to find the light switch, and they wouldn't have to go up or down. The bathrooms are excellent with all the same kinds of facilities that I've seen before. There's a fold down shower seat. There is a shower that can come off and be used as a hose. They have a beautiful theater for the residents and a beautiful dining area. It is a very new facility. It's probably only three years old. It's wonderful, and it is nearly fully occupied. For somebody who can afford this facility, it's great. The staff was wonderful. She was very informative and very personable. I got all the information I needed. There was no time when I asked a question that she didn't know the answer. She was always very willing to point me in the right direction. She was excellent. She told me that she's been there for five months or so. For five months, she knows her stuff. The place is immaculate.



We went to see Legend of Allentown, it's a personal care facility. I only met 3 people, the salesperson, the activities director, and a nurse. They were all fine, they were all good. The facility's maintenance and cleanliness are excellent too. They were getting ready for some activities when we're there. We weren't there to see the actual activity at that point though. They have a beautiful garden in the courtyard in the middle. All the rooms are around this beautiful courtyard. They had a garden there and they had a lot of professionally landscaped things. We had soup there, it was delicious food. We also had a brownie with it and some fruit.



Legend of Allentown is a very nice place. It's expensive. The rooms were nice; they had a bedroom, a living room, and a kitchenette. They're very, very small, but for what you need -- for one person -- I think it's nice. Everybody there was wonderful.



Legend of Allentown was very nice. The rooms were very nice. They had a living area and a sitting area with a bedroom. The bathrooms were very nice and new. The living area was small, but the bedroom was very nice. I saw both assisted living and memory care.



Legend of Allentown was brand new and extremely beautiful. It was not like a nursing care facility at all. It was more like town home living, but in a building type setting. It was very bright and very happy. The residents looked very happy as well. Their kitchen and their staff were very nice. Everyone said hello. I was very impressed. They had a lot of activities going on that day. They were having a celebration, so it was being prepped and catered at that moment. They make sure that the residents are included in all their celebrations and things that they do outside of the facility like shopping. It's very well done. Everyone was very cordial, very friendly, very informative, and very welcoming.


Kristina D.

We were looking for a place for my Mom last year after it was determined it was not good for her to live alone any longer. She was at another local facility in Center Valley for 3 weeks and was not happy there. I called Christina (Sales Director) at Legend to schedule an appointment to see the facility. My husband and I toured it and fell in love with it. The facility is just beautiful with great decorating and color scheme. We then brought my Mom over with my sister and they both thought it was wonderful. It took us a few days to decide but we after we make the final decision, we have not looked back. It was the very best decision for my mother. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful to us. I have no complaints about the staff. There have been some staffing changes but that is bound to happen--noted this overturn is mostly in the dining area. My mother likes quite a few of the activities offered--especially the ones where she gets to bake or cook. (which is something she cannot do on her own any longer-so the supervised baking is wonderful for her) She enjoys some movies, the trivia days, outing to the Dollar Store and the exercise classes. The apartments are beautiful. My mother loves that she can go out and be with other residents, be involved in activities, and then go back to her cozy apartment. Almost a year after she moved in she is still saying how much she loves her apartment. The main areas are always tastefully decorated for different holidays. Laundry is included as well as transportation to doctor/dentist appointment (must be scheduled with front desk). Most of the time we take Mom for her appointment, but it is great to know she would have a ride if needed. I think Legend does a good job with the food. There are some things my Mom doesn't like--but that is to be expected once and a while. There are other choice if one does not like the multiple choices for main meals. Even though it is a huge investment (money wise) for us and my mother, I am always recommending Legend to anyone that is in need of a personal care facility.



I toured Legend of Allentown for my mom. It was beautiful because it's relatively new. They have a lot of amenities like a movie theater. I'm not exactly sure what it would be called, but there was like a whirlpool bath in the one area, I guess I don't know if it's like where the therapist would normally be, but it's open to all residents and it's not like you just go in if you're looking for therapy. The staff was kind and knowledgeable. The only thing that bothers me about this one is they will not quote me a staff-to-resident ratio, which makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes they're saying it depends on how many residents they have. And I'm like, "well, not really," because if your ratio is six to one and you have 24 patients, then you need to have four staff. If you all of a sudden have like 40 some people, then you need to have more staff. If you're going to maintain six to one, it can't be like 40 to one. I realize it might be different at certain times of the day because certain things are going on, but when I came to Legend, I was put off by the fact that they wouldn't nail down a ratio. I like them about everything else. The facility was gorgeous, but it bothered me that they wouldn't tell me that. They were a front runner for us at first because I saw it and I thought it was beautiful. And I liked the people that toured me around the place. I was toured by, I think, the director of activities, and then the director of memory care came with us. They were very, very knowledgeable because it was their area.


Penny P.

It is never easy to move ones parents into anursing home until one meets the friendly staff at Legend of Allentown. They are attentive, professional and become like family. When one parents passes one knows the care continues and they do special things to assist in the couple to individual transition. Food options are plentiful, activities multiple to meet the many interests and the fellowship between residents positive. Definitely was a good find.


Viola K.

I love the size of my apartment, it's just right! We have really good people that work here. I enjoy the exercise and activity programs. I love everybody here!


Stephen S.

Mom is so happy here. She loves the staff. They are her family. Whenever i visit, she looks well cared for - clean clothes, hair done and nails.