Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Legend at Tulsa Hills and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Jay H.

The staff at Legend were amazing. They were naturally intuitive to our needs in helping make accommodations for my Dad as this is what they do. They were a step ahead of our questions and were so patient and accommodating in a very stressful time for us. Can’t say enough good things about the administration, nurses, aides, maintenance and the rest of the Legend team… professional, caring, gracious and you can tell they really care about family and resident satisfaction!


Lauren L.

From the first moment we contacted Legends they were the most companionate and caring people. Diana, Cindy, Tosha, Naomi, Junior, Johnna, Trisha, Marissa and Beth are just a few incredible human beings that work there. These people care as much for your loved ones as you do. Words cannot describe the love we were shown throughout my grandmothers stay. Thank you to all of the employees that gave a piece of their heart to my grandmother. You will be in our hearts forever.


Christi G.

Eric and I are so happy we chose to bring our mom here! Everyone is so sweet 100% of the time! It’s a joy to come and visit!


Steve S.

Dad has been at Legend for a month now and loves it. Can’t wait to tell me what they did each day. Today for example- Sing a long in the theater room and meeting with the Chef and cooking staff to give them new ideas for meals. So happy he is happy and we’ll cared for. 


Nancy M.

My mom was only there 4 weeks but was very well taken care of. Everyone, except Debbie, could not have been better or nicer. From office staff, nurses, just everyone gave her such good care. We knew when we moved her in it would be only 2 mo or less and they were fine with that. I would recommend this place , 10 star.


Stephan S.

From our initial contact with Beth everyone at Legens at Tulsa Hills has been professional and compassionate. We were searching for a good memory care unit with activities and positivity and Legens at Tulsa Hills was the answer to our search. The staff from the person that cleans to the directer went the extra mile to answer our questions and accommodate my wife and our family. I would highly recommend Legens at Tulsa Hills.


Ron K.

WOW very nice people, from the first phone call until in a month in to Moms new home. All are professional and represent Legends in the best possible light, Beth and Debbie are the face of the home and help in ways you wouldn't think to ask. The entire staff really does a great job for my Mom thank you all so much.


Jay J.

We are very thankful to Beth and the staff at Legend at Tulsa Hills. First, they welcomed my brother and I as we scouted out a place for our Dad. We had no experience with the modern day assisted living centers and were very impressed at all of the amenities they had to offer. We made the 2nd trip with my Dad and he felt just at home there. This change in your family can be extremely stressful and they made us feel very welcome. We feel we made the right decision.


Tammie L.

Our father was needing more care than we could provide at home and we were having trouble with home care being reliable and available for the area he lives. After touring several facilities, we chose Legend at Tulsa Hills and have been very impressed with the level of professionalism and care provided not only to our father but to our family. We were on a timeline and didn’t know if we could make it happen as fast as we needed, but everyone went above and beyond. Thank you Beth!


Billie K.

I want to thank all of the the Legend at Tulsa Hills team for making my Dad, Bill feel welcome. I also want to thank them for making me welcome. I feel I am part of the Legend at Tulsa Hills family. Thank you so much!!!


Michelle G.

This residence has gone above and beyond to help us in a time of need. Thank you to Beth and Debbie for making this transition as easy as possible on our whole family. I cannot say enough good things about Legend Senior Living. Mom is going to LOVE it!


Amy E.

My grandfather has been a Legends for over a year now. We know he is being taken well care of at this facility. All of the employees are knowledgeable and caring. The life enrichment team go out of their way to meet the needs of the residents. I would definitely recommend Legends to care for your loved one. 


Steve S.

My father has lived at Tulsa Hills Legends for almost 5 years. He has very good care . Everyone is very kind and show much compassion for the residents. He has dementia and the staff is very well educated on how to deal with his illness. The activities are always appropriate for the many different levels of the residents. The rooms are very nice. My parents were in a 2 bedroom and when she passed he moved to a one bed room. Both were very nice and met their needs. Before the pandemic at least one member of my family would visit every day. We say the daily touting that the staff maintained at a very high level. We were in constant contact with any staff we needed to see. I am very impressed with the support and care my father receives.


Rob B.

We have been happy with the care for our mother at Legend. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great place!


Debbie G.

My dad has been a resident at Legend for almost 5 years. We have been very pleased with the care and compassion he receives. Dad has dementia and needs assistance with daily activities. When our family was looking for a facility for our parents we wanted a place that offered memory care if we ever needed that option. He is still in an apartment and has been able to stay there after the loss of our mom. The staff is very caring. What they have done through this pandemic has been over the top. Keeping residents in there room is not an easy task. No place is perfect but Legend staff has always shown compassion for my dad, our family and other residents. Before the pandemic someone from our family was there on a daily basis. We saw how situations were handled with other residents, always professional. We feel like they are family to us.


Roberta C.

We recently moved my mother-in-law to Legend at Tulsa Hill. Lynn Novak, marketing agent, is so sweet and follows up with emails letting us know that she is watching to see that my m-i-l is interacting and enjoying herself. Previously to moving m-i-l here, she was kept at home with constant in home care. While any such move is hard on a loved one, this transition was as comfortable as possible. When we asked the staff to please see that she attends events, they try to see that she attends activities. Legend's goal if possible is for the residents to attend 2 events a day.


Debbie M.

My husband & I have been looking at assisted living facilities in Tulsa for a family member. We have visited Legends at Tulsa Hills a few times in the past week. We have three friends with family members there; two in assisted living and one in memory care. They have all been pleased with the care being given to their family members. Therefore, I was very surprised to see an extremely negative review posted on Sunday by another friend. I reached out to that friend, who had no idea what I was talking about! That post, which had her profile picture was SPAM! Please, do NOT take reviews here, or anywhere, at face value! All it takes is one person with an axe to grind, or just wanting to be malicious, to do great harm to a company. Which then can harm all the employees of that company. SHAME ON GOOGLE FOR NOT VERIFYING REVIEWS! And I will add, that every staff member that we have met at the Legends has been extremely professional, friendly, and caring! And the residents all appear to be well taken care of!


Grace T.

My grandmother has been a resident at Tulsa Hills since March 2019 and she is very well cared for by everyone working at Tulsa Hills. The staff is happy and attentive. Doctors make routine monthly visits to Tulsa Hills which makes visiting the doctor very easy for my grandmother. I like that the nursing staff keeps my family up to date on any changes with my grandmother. I feel blessed to have my grandmother at Tulsa Hills and would recommend their services.


Jeremy E.

Wonderful staff and a beautiful place to retire. Lots of activies for your loved ones! You won't be disappointed.


Reiger W.

My mom has been a resident for over a year. We have had a great experience. The staff is quick to keep us informed when there are problems. I feel they are taking great care of my mom. I recommend this facility quite frequently to friends and patients.


Paula M.

Legend Tulsa Hills is a great place. I would recommend anyone to this wonderful community!



I was very impressed with the entire residence of Legend at Tulsa Hills.The only issue that I saw that my friend would probably have (which she's' going to have no matter where she goes) is the apartments are small. She lives in a really nice and huge house right now, so it's going to be a big adjustment for her when she decides to do this. The apartments are small, but I think it's all she would need. They were clean and sufficient enough for seniors. I was very, very impressed. The lady who took me on the tour was personable and caring, and I really got the impression that they want to be there for these folks that moved in. It just so happened that I was there around lunchtime. I got to take a peek at the meal, and I was also very impressed with it. The meals were not just plain food. It looked like it was out of a restaurant. The residents were chowing down, so it was good food. I really think that would be a nice place for her. The lady also gave me a lemon pudding for dessert to take home with me and it was delicious. They offer a lot of great activities. She even gave me a calendar that shows the activities, and I was really impressed with some of them. In fact, the lady brought to my apartment a bucket with a beach ball, a plastic shovel, and some lotion for my friend (which I thought was so sweet).



My mom is doing great at Legend at Tulsa Hills. It's very impressive. It's great, wonderful, and a top-notch facility. They got gardens, a patio, a movie theater, and they play dominoes. They got a lot of stuff. The food is also good.



GREAT ! This is the place i want to be in for myself. Mom is more active and friendly since she is here. Likes the food and people. Remarkable that the price is so competitive with this quality. I am impressed. Thanks Legends for making this happen. Beth is a great agent to deal with.



When I was at Legend at Tulsa Hills, I met a lot of the different staff. I met the activity director, and there was a nurse. I loved the place, it was beautiful, but for the level of my mother's care, the long hallways would be hard for her to get around without any help. Comparing this Legend to the other Legend facilities though, it was larger. It was a two-story facility so I know my mother wouldn't want to be there, but as far as the overall place, I would give it the highest rating. As far as the way the rooms were laid out, it was a very nice facility, but as far as the help that my mother needs, I'd give it a four. If you were just moving into assisted living you'd get around pretty well, and you're still able to walk then it would probably get the highest rating. In my mother's situation though, I would have to give it a four as far as the layout goes. They are right across a big shopping area here in town, so they are accessible to restaurants and shopping. They're also not that far from the main hospital.



Legend at Tulsa Hills is great all the way around and it's a beautiful place. The staff is very attentive to my mom. The food is excellent. They have activities every morning and afternoon, and most evenings. They have Bingo, music, movie nights, country kitchen where they try different foods, and they have a Meet The Chef day which is good. The staff seems to be very good. The cost is expensive but it's worth it.



Caring for an elderly dad from long distance can be challenging. Thanks to Paula, Tiffanie and the fine Legend staff for their excellent care! Very glad made this choice for dad.



Legend at Tulsa Hills is a very beautiful place but very expensive. It was nice, and it's a place I'd like to go to. The rooms are a variety of sizes, and they have a little workout room and movie theater. It's literally set up like a hotel, and it would be like living in a 5-star hotel.



Overall, the prices were exorbitant, but Legend at Tulsa Hills was by far the nicest of the places I visited. The apartment was comparable in size to the ones that I saw; these were new, clean, and adequate. The closets were not big enough though. The staff was excellent. They had all of the activities, and it was a large facility. They had lots of seniors that gravitate towards people that are more like them. They do things together. They have arts, crafts, and different things. The dining was very nice.



Legend at Tulsa Hills was lovely, brand new and very nicely done. The staff was very gracious to us. The only reason we didn't go there is because it's too far from where we live. The people who toured us were wonderful, and it's beautifully located. It's right across the street from a new and huge shopping system, and there's a hospital right around the corner.



We experienced caring and friendly service. The other residents were friendly as well. And the facility was open, spacious, and clean.



The staff is engaged, and they are very pleasant. They keep the residence neat and clean, and they have activities available for the residents. I would recommend this residence to others based on my experience.



We have been really impressed with the community. They answered all my questions and communicate very effectively. The food looks really good and they have activities available for the residence. I would recommend this residence to others based on our experience.


K. Paul

This facility is beautiful and has wonderful staff. [name removed] with very helpful in providing information about the facility and amenities.



Legend is a beautiful facility. I'm greeted with a smile when I enter the building. It is clean and I feel my family member would have great care here. I have talked to other family members and they cannot say enough good things about the facility.


Sandra M.

I'm really enjoying living here. You feel at home right away and everyone is very friendly and you feel at home right away. As it is now my new home, I'm very happy here.


Ann E.

Everyone here has been very nice, I have no complaints. Everyone is helpful, the food and the dining room is good. Hope we can go back soon!


Joan L.

I'm happy with my place. I don't have any problems. People are nice.


Barbara G.

I think I'm one of the luckiest people in the world to be part of this wonderful community. Everyone is so caring, friendly, and positive! I've made many new friends and acquaintances. My family also very much appreciates all the stuff.


Opal L.

Everyone who works here is so nice and friendly. Thank you all very much!


Amanda T.

The first thing I do when I walk into somewhere that my own mother may live is take a big whiff! I have been an RN since 2011 and this place checks out as clean immediately. I occasionally drop in unannounced just to see what really happens day to day and my heart has been touched enough to write this review. The compassionate staff, engaging resident activities and excellent food are unrivaled by most. I’ve had the honor of serving several of their residents in the past with Roserock Hospice during the last several months of their life and they have welcomed us with open arms. They believe in every patient receiving quality care and quality of life every day.