Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Legend at Mingo Road and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Ronnie D.

I moved into Legend at Mingo road about three weeks ago and have found the staff to top notch and very friendly and caring for you. They have a wonderful Dining center and the food is very good and they give you a number of options to chose from. They offer lots of activates through out the day so there is lots to do to stay active. The staff here is also top notch, when you are in need of some help all rooms have a pull line to call for an aid to help you with any problem you might have. I am in a power wheelchair and I don't have any troubles getting a round this place. So if your considering Assisted Living for you or a loved one check this place and see for yourself.


Bill S.

Beautiful facilities. Extremely helpful and compassionate staff. Couldn't be happier.


Richard P.

Placed my mom here 8 months ago. From day one it has been a wonderful experience. The staff is amazing and very attentive. They make my mother feel so loved and are always wonderful to our family. Having had my mother in another facility previously this move has been amazing. Thank you to all the staff for all you do!


Christi P.

The facility is so clean and nice. The staff is amazing!


David V.

As a state employee I am familiar with protocols and expectations and let me say I was really impressed with this facility. These folks have an eye for detail and utmost cleanliness. I was not disappointed. The staff were respectful and took the time to answer questions and it was obvious these staffers were focused on the health and welfare of their patients- I might just say their guests, as that is how they were being treated. Kudos to the administrative staff, especially Ms Dyson, for setting an example of what assisted care should be.


Kathy S.

My mom was able to live in her own home until she was 95. She is a very independent and strong woman. I always thought that having to take her out of her home would just be the worst situation possible. Luckily I knew about Legend Assisted Living through a doctor that I had worked for. She had her mother there and was very happy with the care she received and the facility. When my mom could no longer live in her own home I immediately called Legend on Mingo. From the first phone call I felt this was a great place. On my mom's very first day she was happy and very relieved. She has a beautiful apartment with her own patio and was able to take her cat. All the staff is friendly and caring. They really spoil the residents, as it should be. The hair salon is fantastic too. My favorite thing about this place is that it's small, everyone knows everyone and they all treat everyone like family. The facility is immaculate. My mom has transitioned better than I could have ever dreamed and that's because of the Legend team. They all helped me through one of the hardest times of my life. Needless to say my mom is very happy and so are we.


Amber K.

LOVE this place, LOVE working with these residents and staff. Each day during COVID we are trying to strive to make the residence a positive and happy environment.


Kristen R.

This is a great place. The management and staff are amazing and are so caring for the residents.


Steve N.

No one every really wants to go into a memory care center, it's a hard decision as we all feel responsible to take care of our loved one. Having been through it, I can attest that it's absolutely the right decision to make as we all need professional help when dealing w/dementia. Mom can't be a 24/7 caregiver (babysitter often). After looking at several places, Mom picked the Legends. Our experience proves she was right. People in this industry can't fake their way through a job - you either love it or should do something else. The staff at the Legends truly loves their patients (guest) and became attached to them. In addition, the administrators ( Lisa & Markita) set the proper tone to make sure. things are done correct and/or to address concerns quickly. As I said, it's not something one wants to do, but when the decision is made the Legends was the right choice for us. Love you guys and pray for your strength as you keep up this important work.



My mom is at Legend at Mingo Road. It is exceptional and I am very happy. The staff is friendly. They go beyond what they need to do to make sure you're happy. They take care of every need that I've had when we've had it. We haven't had any problems whatsoever. And they made everything moving in really easy. I tried some of the food and that was pretty good, and my mother really likes it. I've eaten there once, and it was pretty good. She's going to go play bingo tonight. They have a therapy dog, ice cream social, cards, and TV watch groups. There is exercising two or three times a day. There are three or four activities, usually throughout the day, that they can participate in each day, but she hasn't been there long enough for me to tell you all that she utilizes. My mother's happy, so it's a good value. When I was looking around it's fair in price, actually, and when we got there they had some specials going, so it was even a little bit cheaper. It actually ended up being cheaper than the smaller unit would have been. We have not had a complaint, although we've only been there a little bit, but we've been dealing with them longer. They have a library, a salon, a TV, a bistro, puzzle room, and a couple outside areas they can go.



My very first visit to Legend at Mingo Road, everybody was just so friendly, and willing to help. They called in the head nurse and explained what they would or wouldn't do, and showed me the restaurant area. They were just a great bunch of people and informative. The food here is very good and you get quite a few choices. They have bingo, dominoes, puzzles, some word games, singalongs, and all kinds of activities throughout the day. The whole staff is very friendly. If you need a nurse or an aide come in, they're all there pretty quick.



The salesperson at Legend at Mingo Road was very good. It just didn't seem to quite fit my mother. It was very nice, well kept, and had a lot of positives. I didn't see any problems with it. The staff was good and friendly. It was very clean, it was very well taken care of, and it had spaces for the residents to interact. They had two courtyards. The building looked traditional, but it was very nicely maintained. The rooms were fine but a little small compared to some of the others that we're looking at. They have memory care there.



My husband moved into Legend at Mingo Road. I chose Legend because they have a round-the-clock med aide and he needed medicines round-the-clock. It's a fairly small facility of only 50 residents. They have really the nicest apartments. It's all assisted living. The staff are really good. They're attentive and they answer questions quickly. The food is fabulous. They have a chef. The facility is perfect. It's a fairly new place. Everything is still top-of-the-line neat, clean, and beautiful. My husband has a door that opens up into a courtyard. It's closed so nobody else can get in except the residents. That was another reason why I chose them. I know they have good activities. I like that they could age in place. The value for money is very, very good. Very high value. Other places with the amenities and everything that he is getting would be 20-30% more. So it is a very good value.



My father stayed at Legend at Mingo Road. Everybody was nice, and they did what they were supposed to. The place looked good. He said the food was good. They had a fireplace and an aquarium. He had two rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen, and it was very clean and nice. It's like the Hyatt Regency.



My mom has moved into Legend at Mingo Road. I'm very happy with their services. It is excellent care. There are very nice people that work there. It is a beautiful place. They have a calendar of daily activities.



I did visit the Legend. In fact, that was my choice. My grandfather overrode my decision and picked the other place because he liked the food better there, that' why we picked that over the Legends. I just had a feeling about the other place and that's why it was my first choice. I felt like that's where I wanted to put my grandparents becauseI felt more comfortable there. Their staff seemed to be more aware of what was going on. They were top notch. It was immaculately clean. It was also very modern and up-to-date. The staff is on the ball. If they had served us lunch the day we went there, I think my grandfather would have preferred the Legend. The dining room was open, spacious and inviting. I think the rooms are too small, but for his needs it would've been very comfortable. I was very impressed.



We chose Legend at Mingo Road because of the amenities provided, the cleanliness of the whole facility and overall feel, and the virtual tour we took was much better than the other ones we saw. They also had availability when we needed it. The room sizes here seem to be adequate, they are small but it fills the needs required. The staff here really work with you as far as care for your loved ones, they are on top of things and call me when needed. Communication has been great. I would highly recommend them.


Tony D.

Escorts are kind and friendly. Food is good and plentiful. Activities are joyful and the activity director is always cheerful and helpful.


Mayilyn H.

I love it! I like to be busy and the activities are great. The staff is wonderful. I haven't met anyone I dislike.


Betty S.

People very nice. Have a lot of fun. Made friends.



Congenial and friendly. Treats me nice and good food. Keeps my busy.


Kenneth B.

Cleanliness is wonderful. Good food.


Patti B.

Relaxed and feel at home.


Delores M.

Clean, good food, no complaints.