Legend Senior Living is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality of service, environment and care to residents and their families.  Check out what other families have to say about their experience with Legend at Rivendell Assisted Living and how we’ve earned 5 Star Reviews:

Deborah M.

My parents have been living at Legend for 4 months. I could not be happier with the facility. I drop in nearly every day to check on my parents. One of the first things I noticed about Legend was that the staff always has a smile for me when I come in. Employees genuinely care for the residents and are cheerful. My dad loves to tease and be teased, so they tease him. My mother is fairly quiet, so they interact with her in a more reserved manner. Everyone there knew my parents by name by the end of the first week. I feel like they go the extra mile to help my parents with their room, the laundry, getting meals to them or getting them to the dining hall. My parents love the food. The nursing staff tries to abide by my wishes in spite of the fact that my dad often has other ideas. My dad gets confused and frustrated by things, but they are good about cajoling him into a safe alternative. I have never seen angry employees, unsafe conditions, cleanliness problems or issues that have not been addressed in a timely manner. One reason we looked at Legend was an employee I ran into. He had worked there for nearly 2 years and he loved the place. He thought his boss was the best ever. I thought, if someone can work there for 2 years and still love their boss I should check the place out. Placing my parents there was an excellent decision. The cost is high, but you get what you pay for. Edited. It has been 3 years since I wrote this review. Both of my parents have passed away. My review of Legends still stands. They have the best staff ever. After 3 years many of the staff were the same as when my parents moved in. High staff retention says a lot of good things about a place. My mother lived through the covid times. She couldn't understand why I couldn't come in to see her, why I had quit eating with her or why masks. It was hard, but knowing they loved her and were taking excellent care of her made it acceptable.


Jeff N.

Want all to know what a pleasant experience we are having at Legends Memory Care. The staff has been courteous, friendly, helpful, and full of wisdom in taking care of my one hundred-and one-year old aunt. My aunt has lived by herself most of her life (other than taking care of my grandmother and a few others). So usually it is her way or the highway. They have her smiling and laughing. She is more comfortable at Legends than in my own home. Yes, she still wants to make her great escape but she does that where ever she is. We no longer have to worry about her wandering off and are comforted she’s taken care of by caring people. God bless all of them. Thankful that someone who has spent her life taking care of others is being taken care of so well. Special thanks to Shakera, Christine, and Riley. My aunt was not willing to come in and they made her feel wanted and comfortable coming to Legends. It was something to see them work. They were so caring. Much thanks to Bailee. My wife knew after talking to her the first time this was the place. She answered all my questions returning my calls until I was also comfortable wiith Legends. I highly recommend Legends. Thanks to Andre also for helping move my aunts belongings in.


Kenneth P.

In our time of need the sales director, Karrie Littrell was very professional and caring in assisting us with some decisions. She was able to answer all questions and actually provided us with more help than I would have expected. Legend's is a wonder facility and incredibly more affordable than we imagined. This place is way beyond anyplace that I have seen providing an environment and care that I could not find elsewhere.




My mother has been staying in the Legend at Rivendell for three weeks now. They have a welcoming, attentive, professional, and loving staff. We chose this place for her because the communication with the staff and the family is excellent, and the facility is beautiful, bright, and clean, and I like that my mom's needs are met. She's very happy there. The room that was available for us was small, so we're on a waiting list for a bigger room, but the room she currently has is clean and meets her needs for now. The dining area feels like a restaurant. It is very welcoming. There are lots of white tablecloths and the setting of the tables made the residents feel very special. The chef came out and met us too. I've seen him talking every day to the residents and they all love him. The food is high quality and nutritious.



My wife was at Legend at Rivendell. It was really good until COVID. It's in lockdown, so you can't see anybody. She was there from January until two weeks ago. The staff was great. They all took good care of my wife and they loved her. She loved them. It was all great. However, I didn't like the setting because I never could see her. They had 25 people in the section, and my wife had her own room. It was a private room. It was good as it could be. Food was OK. I would go there and eat with her before their lockdown, so it was OK. It was a very nice place. There was a young lady in there that kept them busy all the time doing activities.



Legend at Rivendell was a beautiful facility. They only had their two specialty rooms available and everything else was taken, which speaks pretty highly of their facility. The staff member was absolutely wonderful. They introduced themselves and talked to my aunt and encouraged her to come and move there. They would have assigned her a staff person for the first month to make sure that she had someone to walk her down to the meals and to encourage her to get out and participate in activities. They had beautiful courtyards. It's a quiet environment and they can age in place there. The dining area was very well laid out.



Legend at Rivendell was very nice. The rooms were very good. The person during the tour did a very nice job. 



I can't say enough good things about the group of people that for our elders. My mom has dementia and the really understand the disease and don't make quick judgments about her because they know it's the disease. They have educated us as a family and helped us help out mom. I would have given 1000 stars if they were available!


L. Wilson

The care he has received from Legend's has been unparalleled to any other center our father has been in. He is thriving and is more like himself than he has been since this disease began. It has meant the world to us since our family has had numerous unfortunate events during the past 18 months. In the beginning, he was unstable and many in the memory care facilities and medical residence had basically written him off. He was unfairly labeled and was not given the care that he deserved. The Director at Legend at Rivendell found out what was really going on and address it so that he could improve and be more like his usual self. The Residence Director, Laura, was our earthly angel during a very dark and upsetting time in our family. Our family takes so much comfort in knowing he is being treated with the respect, courtesy and compassion that he deserves. This peace of mind is priceless for someone we care so deeply for. Dad is happier, has regained the dramatic weight loss he has experienced and is thriving in his new home. We are so thankful that he seems to be at peace and content with his new environment. The staff at Legends have been phenomenal. They have always been there to help us out, answer our questions and genuinely work with his medical team to ensure he is at his best. No other facility that he has been in has done that. We are extremely pleased with his progress, the staff, his medical team, his treatment plan and the care he has received since becoming part of the Legends Community. The social and family activities have been a wonderful opportunity for us to share in happy times with him. This disease is an extremely devastating one and like nothing we have ever experienced. The staff at Legend's is absolutely wonderful at having educational opportunities and talking with families to help cope during such difficult times. Thank each of you at Legends so much!



Legends at Rivendell is a beautiful facility incorporating features that provide for the comfort and safety of the residents. More importantly the staff creat a an atmosphere of family. They are friendly, caring, and cheerful in dealing with the residents. There are a multitude of activities available for any residents to participate. The food service is not only diverse in selection, but presented in a very pleasing dining atmosphere.My mother became a resident three weeks ago and loves being there. This gives me peace of mind and from my visits, I can see why she is enjoying her time there. She has expressed her satisfaction with the accomodations and the thoughtful and helpfulness of the staff.



My mother, my best friend and companion whom I miss every day! However, her caregivers at the Legend at Rivdendell were remarkable. Not only were they caregivers, but were very special to me and my brother during my mother's declining illness. The staff was very responsive and the facility was well managed with a very warm and inviting living environment. Since my mother's passing over a year ago, I know that I can walk in the doors of the Legend at Rivendell at any time and be welcomed with open arms, for these people became my extended family and were there for my mother and me during a very critical time. To date, I continue to recommend the facility to friends in need of caregiving for their loved ones. In summary, yes, I recommend the Legend at Rivdendell and their staff with 5 stars!



Legends is a relatively new Assisted Living with both independent apartments and a skilled care section for those required more care. This is a spacious facility was is very nicely decorated, well kept and clean. It provided a beautiful sitting area with fireplace and library. It provided both inside activities and outside trips for shopping and visiting attractions such as the zoo. The dining area was equally nice with individual tables, clean table cloths and comfortable chairs. Residents could seat themselves and had a daily selection of food to choose from. The wait staff would come to my Mom let her pick her selection and bring her food to her which I thought was a very nice touch for the elderly. There was a sitting area in a garden like setting in the central part of the facility which was always well groomed and full of pleasant plants. The staff there was always curtious. My mothers room was always clean and neat including the dusting and keeping my Mothers plants watered. The care providers where very helpful with Mom. They assisted her with bathing and always provided her with her medications in a timely fashion. I was very pleased overall with Legends and would recommend it to those who can afford the facility. The only down side to Legends is that it is not the cheapest one in the area, but you do get what you pay for.



We loved Legend at Rivendell and we liked how the memory care can walk the hallways. It was like a square so when they turn around they'll eventually find their room. In the middle, there's a really pretty courtyard with features. And all the staff talked to us as we were walking around, and they interacted with each other. So we like that. The staff who gave the tour was very nice, very friendly and very informative. There was even a client there that they were helping at the time, and called them by name. We talked to her twice since we left, and she was trying to get it more feasible for us. The building was very nice, well kept, had pretty landscaping, a nice parking lot, and easy access. We had to wait for somebody to unlock the door, which is what we would have expected with the memory care.



Legend at Rivendell was impressive. Out of four places that we went to, this one was the one that we thought was the best for our mother. We're specifically looking for a place that can specialize in treating Alzheimer's, and we just felt like they did the best job with that. We like the way that they have it broken up into what they specialized in, rather than just breaking it up into memory care versus assisted living. They also broke it up into 3 different phases depending on severity. My mom would be in a residence with other people that were on the same stage of the journey as her. That was one of the things that we really liked. It's also a very secure facility so the patients are not in danger of wandering off. The staff does monthly training on dementia. There was just a lot that they focused on, specifically dementia; that's what we were looking for. We didn't really witness it, but they showed us some of the activities that they had done and talked about some of them. More than the specific activities though, what we were really looking for is a place where they would keep our mother active because she may not necessarily be able to participate in organized activities (like doing crafts and things) because she's a little bit farther along. The thing that impressed us the most is that they said that from the time she gets up until the time she goes to bed, they would have her doing activities and being in the community. Just the interaction with people and the physical movement is what we were most pleased about. One of the things that we were most impressed with this facility is they have a doctor on staff. Whenever she needs medical care, they will call the doctor to her instead of us having to take her out to a doctor's appointment. That was a huge advantage, especially because we live two hours away from where she's going to be living.



Legend at Rivendell was above the rest of the places I looked at. The facilities were great, the personnel were great, they were the type of people that I could consider friends. They were very understanding and could listen between the lines. The staff was very good. The thing that impressed me the most about that was the way the memory care was laid out. From what I gather they have two separate buildings, the assisted living is in one building, and the memory care is in their own separate building. They had what amounted to three wings in the memory care facility. All of them were designed to where even if a person went out for a stroll down the hall, each wing all eventually routed back to a central hub of a living room, so even someone without all their cookies in line, they would still eventually end up back at their starting point. They also had the secure outdoor courtyard set up for both the assisted living and memory care, but the architectural layout of it was very impressive to me, that you could tell it was well thought out. It was very topnotch. The facility was extremely well taken care of, well designed, and well thought out. I was extremely impressed with their sales director. She's quite a lady.



Both my husband and my mom are at Rivendell in Oklahoma City. I like everything about it, it's superb. I didn't really want to move them, but we're running out of money. It's just beautiful. They take really good care of my family. My sister seems to like it too. We hate to have to move my mom and my husband, but we have to. They make these places so expensive. The staff takes extra care of my husband and my mom as well. The last time I was there the food was pretty good, but it has been a while since this COVID thing. I haven't been up there to eat with them but it's generally good. They have activities, they try to keep them busy, and they play games. The service is good up there.



Legend at Rivendell was very nice. I’m a simple person and kind of a country kid, so I felt very out of place. It felt ritzy to me. It wasn’t for me. The place was very nice and very clean. The shared room was small. There was just a cabinet to divide the room. The staff member who showed me around was very accommodating. She answered all our questions and showed us pretty much everything that there was to see. The food was very good too.



Legend at Rivendell is quiet and very well kept. It's a pretty place. Everybody is as friendly as they could be and takes really good care of my wife. I ate with her once and they have good food. They give small portions, and everybody there is slim and trim. They have somebody who does their nails. The day that she started, they took them all up for ice cream to celebrate a new resident coming. They go on scenic drives, they have a piano player that comes in, they do arts and crafts with them, and they have exercises. They keep them busy all day long. We're satisfied with them. The staff is really good. It's well kept, well lighted, up-to-date, and very clean.



My brother-in-law hs been in Legend Memory Care at Rivendell since April. It is very nice. The staff is very nice, very caring, and take really good care of him. They seem to serve very good food. They have shared apartments and some private rooms and have activities all of the time. They have a TV area where they can sit and watch movies. The dining room is set up like a nice restaurant with tablecloths and China. They have several sitting areas and an outside courtroom where the residents can go sit outside if they want and still be secured.



The residence is the most professional, helpful, well-educated, and friendly place you could ever ask for. The atmosphere feels just like home. I would recommend this residence to other based on my experience


Corey P.

This facility does an amazing job taking care of their residents. They do a lot of activities to keep the seniors engaged in life. The staff (Justin) is very caring and helped our uncle celebrate his 92nd birthday with a zoom birthday party that our whole family was able to attend. It was very special to all of us. Also, this facility has done amazing with keeping the residents safe and healthy during the covid pandemic.


Debbie R.

This facility is beautiful, upscale and classy with a homey feel. Dad loves it here with the kind, generous, caring, dedicated professional staff and employees that work at this location and considers them friends, same as me. The children/teens in our family say "I wish I lived here". During this pandemic, the residents are kept busy and entertained by lots of one on one time, games, ice cream carts, drink carts etc. Residents are laughing, smiling and very loved. This is the best place to live!!


Dorma M.

My 88 year old mother has been living at Legend Assisted Living At Rivendell for 18 months. She deals with memory issues every minute of every day. She also has trouble with her knees. The staff at Legend is very kind and caring; they help her deal with every challenge she faces. She loves the staff, the community, the food, her "apartment" and all the amenities and activities that are a part of her daily life. My brother and sister and I are very happy and impressed with the way Legend has managed the covid pandemic and kept the residents safe and healthy. It is a cheerful and comfortable life for our mom and a comfort to our family.


Tracy G.

My great uncle and aunt reside here and we couldn't be more grateful for the care they receive. They seem extremely happy and that is due to the staff going above and beyond for them. Justin, the life enrichment, helped us throw our uncle a 92nd birthday party using zoom and it was the absolute best!!! We simply couldn't be more elated that our family members chose this residence for their home. Thank you!!!


Connie M.

Great community, clean, caring personnel. The life enrichment coordinator is great. Great activities and excellent care for my loved ones. Always feel welcome when we come to visit. Thank you for keeping them safe.


Terri G.

When looking for an Assisted Living for my parents we knew immediately upon entering Legend that it would be "the one". The residence was clean and staff was friendly and caring. My parents were well taken care of and their needs were met for the 5 years they lived at Rivendell. The staff was always free to discuss any needs/wants. All the way from nursing to the life enrichment coordinator! They loved my parents as if they were their own and it showed. Rivendell is a place that will always be near to our hearts.


Tiasha K.

With my job I'm in and out of facilities all the time. I love Rivendell! It's a clean and beautiful community. The staff I interact with are always full of good energy and the residents are a hoot. i enjoy helping with activities there and always have a good time.


Karol C.

We couldn't ask for a better environment for our aunt and uncle. We made a trip right after they moved in and found a great, healthy place full of caring staff. The friendly and homey feeling was everywhere. The food was plentiful and quite good. The accommodations are roomy and they felt right at home. We have been back to visit and look forward to coming back. Keep up the great work! I would give Rivendell more stars if I could.


Stacy R.

My parents lived at Legend at Rivendell Assisted Living for over two years and I think this residence is very good. The life enrichment coordinator does a great job! The aides were always great and very helpful.


Marsha L.

Rivendell is a caring senior residence dedicated to meeting the needs of their residents. My mom was well cared for, loved on. prayed over and cherished during her time there. The chef cooked her a special meal on her birthday and the staff were always stopping in to visit and cheer her up. The residence is so engaging that the loved ones of residents have gone to work there! The employees are exceptional.


Jane L.

My mom has been a resident at Legend at Rivendell for nearly two years. She has loved living there for several reasons. I's a nice residence but main reason mom and our family love it, is the outstanding staff. The chef is very good and loves to visit with residents. The leader and life enrichment team is what has made the difference for our mom. Pre-covid allowed for many trips and activities, dining out and groups in. The games, crafts, and puzzles are such fun for her. The fun interaction with staff is great. Moving to Rivendell has changed mom's outlook on life and provides her opportunities she never had before. The staff has been awesome during the pandemic to keep mom safe and meet her needs. We are very happy with the team at Legend pray life here can get back to pre covid days and activities as these day of covid to take a toll even in the best of circumstances.


Brandy B.

Beautiful community. The staff is caring and knowledgeable about various types of dementia. Which is very helpful for our family! My mother has frontal lobe dementia which can make her hard to deal with but they are patient with her and I feel like they do care about her. When I have a concern they are on top of it!



My mother has been at Legends of Rivendell for almost 4 years and we could not be more pleased with her care. The facility is beautiful And well maintained but most important, the staff has been so loving and caring with my mother. It takes a special person to work in memory care and Legends seems to find the right people. My mother is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s and they have worked with hospice to provide the right level of care for her. We have recommended many others to Legends and feel confident in our recommendation. It is expensive but well worth the cost.


Betty K.

My mother's room is cleaned everyday. Every one of the staff, from the people who clean the residence to those who serve the food are all very attentive and respectful. We have been impressed with how respectful they have been with my mother. The residence is a good value for the price. The residence provides good activities, even during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. They have done a good job of protecting my mother and the other residents. The residents are asked to stay in their rooms and all the staff wear masks.


Loretta C.

I took a tour of Legend & I fell in Love with this place. It is Beautiful! There was Great music playing (not very loud) & it smelled nice everywhere we went. The Work staff there are wonderful! They really do seem to care about the residents. My Mom has been there since January 29 except for a week she had to go back to the hospital. She seems to have adapted very well here at Legend. She was even able to take part in playing Bingo last week & I was amazed at how good she was able to keep up with 2 cards. She won 3 times! She also got to attend the Valentines Party last Thursday evening & I think she really enjoyed herself. Now her health has taken a downhill turn & she is only up in her wheelchair during meal times. She must spend the rest of the time in her bed with an air mattress & they come in to turn her on each side & her back periodically to help prevent bed sores etc. I was so excited about her getting to come to live at Legend & I am so happy she is there. Due to her health, she is unable to ride along when the other residents leave on an outing somewhere & that just breaks my heart. After saying that, I am quite certain she does not have any idea that she is missing out on anything. I like to go spend a little time with her everyday but if I miss a day, I don't have any reason to worry because I know that she is being looked after & well taken care of judging by what I observe between the staff & the residents when I am there. I enjoy getting acquainted with the residents & talking to them & assisting them whenever possible. The residents are so sweet & Loveable. It is comforting to know that My Mom is among them. If you are looking for the perfect place for someone you Love, I believe you would be very happy with Legend.